Ever feel like you are running on a wheel and going nowhere fast?

That’s what millions of people worldwide feel like every single day working dead-end jobs they hate – all to just scrape by if they are lucky enough to even do that. What you need is a better plan.

You really NEED multiple streams of income.

In years gone by that was more of a nice to have option, but in this new and ever more challenging world of today instability and uncertainty are on a scale that is off the charts.

That makes relying on any single source of income alone a very bad idea.

A much safer and much better alternative is to have MANY different income streams from multiple different income production opportunities, many of which should also be as passive income production methods as possible.

That way – even as you continue to work a job if you have one for now – at the same time you can build your own income streams from sources that you choose, and that you control which are scalable.

Think about that for a moment.

Normally most people make most or even all of their money through ACTIVE income production – and that means trading time for money.

It doesn’t matter if you are a doctor or a ditch digger or doing anything else in between.

Whether you make $500 per hour or $10 per hour – your income is capped and limited by two things; the hours you can work each day and the energy in your body to actually do that work.

While there are ways to increase productivity and get better output from those hours – even if you are the most efficient and the most driven person on the planet, there comes a point at which you hit that wall where you can not go beyond it. No matter how much you try and how much you want to, you have reached your point of maximum productivity and that’s as far as you go.

For many people who are working that way and putting in 70 plus hours a week, it takes a toll on all other areas of their lives too.

Health suffers. Mental state suffers. Relationships suffer.

So what is the point?

That kind of life isn’t much of a life even if you make a lot of money if you are destroying every other aspect of your life and can’t even enjoy the money you earn because you are working yourself to death.

Affiliate Marketing and Wealthy Affiliate Training

There is a better way.

In fact, there are MANY better ways, but for now, let’s focus on just one of those other Income Production Opportunities – affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing essentially boils down to this; You create content that produces traffic and you provide links to products for sale by other companies in exchange for a commission when sales are made as a result of your efforts.

That’s affiliate marketing in a nutshell.

Albeit a very simplified version of it perhaps, but more than enough for you to begin to get the idea.

Practically every major company on the planet now offers some kind of affiliate program either directly or through an intermediary.

That means there are hundreds of thousands of programs and millions of products you can promote, market, and earn from.

Millions of products you can market to a worldwide market of BILLIONS of people!

Even so, you only need a tiny sliver of a piece of that massive market to make some serious money.

So how can you get started with affiliate marketing?

One of the best ways and the fastest ways to make better progress is to get information, training, support, and access to tools and resources that can help you do better faster.

Wealthy Affiliate is the source of the answers you seek.

Wealthy affiliate is at is essence a massive membership training center with all kinds of additional tools and support – including a huge thriving, active, and very supportive community of other like-minded people willing to help each other.

You can join Wealthy Affiliate HERE.

I suggest you start with the FREE membership (no credit card or payment info needed!) and go ahead and check it all out and see what you think before you decide to go Premium.

You will love it and you will want to go premium too – if you are serious about wanting to build your own affiliate marketing business. Even then it’s only $49 per month (as of the date of this post anyway so check!) which is a bargain for all you get.

Having said that – You DO NOT HAVE TO PAY anything ever and can keep your free membership for life (again check current terms!) for as long as you like.

That still gives you access to massive amounts of free training and free information that can all help you.

You just won’t have use of all the tools and resources and won’t be able to participate in the community discussions, but for FREE it is a heck of a deal!

Lots of Other Income Production Opportunities Available

There are plenty of ways to Make Money Online and plenty more to Make Money Offline too.

Some of the proven effective online money-making opportunities include;

  1. eBook Publishing
  2. Book Publishing
  3. Audio Book Publishing
  4. Online Course Creation
  5. POD (print on demand) Products
  6. Drop-Shipping
  7. Freelancing
  8. Coaching, Consulting, and Mentoring
  9. Membership Site
  10. YouTube

Here is the really cool thing – ALL of these can be interrelated and interconnected to each other and help sell your other products and services!

Even better they can all be used to help you do better with affiliate marketing at the same time as each one generates revenue itself too. How sweet is that!

You may be thinking ” I don’t know how to do any of this stuff, so how am I supposed to be successful…” or you may believe you simply can’t do this.

You don’t see even the possibility of your success.

That is a common problem my friend, and I am here to tell you it is only true inside your own head.

Your limitations are not the result of any external thing at all – they are made up by you inside your own mind and they are simply self-limiting beliefs.

Beliefs you can change and you can overcome – if you choose to do so.

As for the rest – how can you do all this and more?


The same way you learned to do anything else you have ever done – you learn the basics and then you take action, you practice and you keep learning and keep practicing!

You also do not even try to do ALL OF IT at one time either.

You just choose one thing.

Learn it – do it – improve – get better at it and begin making money and getting better results and keep learning and doing better.

Once you reach a certain level of competence and confidence with each stream of income then it is time to consider your next stream.

This makes it simple and much easier to do, and it becomes easier the more you accomplish to the point it eventually begins to compound and your efforts feed each other and grow your business.

Think of it as eating the digital elephant one bite at a time – to borrow and modify an old saying. With each bite, you learn and earn a little more and you just keep repeating the process until you reach your own goals.

Realistic Expectation vs Pie In the Sky Scams and False Promises

Here is the truth – it will take you both time and hard work to build an online business.

There is no way around it – not one.

At least I have never found one and I have searched through everything on and offline for decades now.  There are many false claims and false promises. There are countless scammers and digital snake oil salespeople waiting to take your money and tell you all the things you want to hear.

Some of the terms they love to use, overuse and abuse include;

  • Easy money
  • Passive Income
  • Business in a Box
  • SECRETS to making Money
  • Automatic Cash Machine

They like to use fake countdown timers and other time limit pressures so you have the urge to buy now so you  “don’t miss out” on their super-secret ultimate guide, blueprint the best thing in the world super duper offer.

Except it’s not.

All those programs are going to do is take your money – then try like hell to upsell you again and again until they take as much as they can from you.

What you get in return is nothing much if anything at all.

Kind of like the wizard of Oz and the whole behind the curtain thing… it simply is all smoke and mirrors and B.S.

You can waste your time and your money trying that route I suppose, and something tells me you probably already have – in which case you already know I speak the truth.

Another option that is far better is to pursue building your online business as a business and treat it as it is – a very serious matter.

Treat your business like a business.

Begin by getting information and becoming more informed. Look at the different real possibilities available to you – then choose ONE.

I suggest you strongly consider beginning with AFFILIATE MARKETING first.

The reasons are many and I will cover some of them in a minute. But here is the thing, to make progress you have to choose something specific, begin learning it, then as soon as you have learned enough to get started then you need to actually get started and start doing the thing!

You will make mistakes and you will have failures – know that going it! Be ready and be prepared and do not give up and quit. That is what most people do and that is another reason why they always fail – maybe you have too so far?

Even if so – that doesn’t matter – the past is gone – learn from it and move on. But do know that in the future that is beginning right now you have to do things differently if you want to get different results.

Why You Should Start With Affiliate Marketing First

The number one reason – it’s is one of the cheapest businesses to start even though it also offers more income potential than most of all the others combined!

If you are completely broke and do not have a single dollar to invest you can still begin affiliate marketing TODAY for FREE!

What other business can you start for nothing that has this kind of potential?

Yes, I said start for FREE… and I bet you may be skeptical or even flat out don’t believe me.

Here is How…

Take the FREE training inside Wealthy Affiliate – learn the basics. Sign up with Google and start your FREE Youtube channel, and start posting simple easy 10-15 minute videos. Use Canva to create FREE thumbnails and slides for your videos. Also, sign up for a FREE Pinterest account and a FREE Instagram account.

Use all your social media accounts to drive traffic to your YouTube channel and within your video mention whatever product you are marketing and put links in the description box.

Like I said – all for FREE!

Now, having a website and a blog with content and some other resources that are not free is better… but if you are broke then put in the time and effort to make some money first – then INVEST that money in your business! that gets you to the next step. Keep learning and earning more – and don’t do like most people do and just spend your money you earn to buy crap you don’t need – use it to keep growing and keep building your business first.

The ability to start earning money through affiliate marketing without having to invest a ton of money upfront is key. Another very important reason is that the skills you will learn are necessary and extremely important in building ANY OTHER BUSINESS of any kind on and or offline too!

So you will be learning critical skills and gaining access to vital resources that will help you throughout your business building and entrepreneurial journey from the beginning on.

Some of the things you will learn inside Wealthy Affiliate and as part of learning how to do Affiliate Marketing include;

  • How to build a website
  • How to create a blog
  • How to consistently creat content
  • SEO fundamentals (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Marketing Fundamentals
  • Copywriting
  • How to build an email list
  • Social media
  • How to choose a profitable niche
  • Where to find products to promote

You will also get access to website hosting through WA as a Premium member – where you can build and host MULTIPLE sites (I have more than 12 of my own there now!) and a single console where you can see them all and their individual site health, as well as be able t log into any one of thin just by a couple of clicks of your mouse (or trackball which is what I prefer).

There are tens of thousands of other members – you can read their blogs, their questions, answers, and more to learn from them all as you wish. A s a Premium member you also have the ability to send and receive private messages with any other member too!

Wealthy Affiliate has been around a long time and has over 1.4 MILLION members (including me!) and has helped countless people begin building their own online business with affiliate marketing.

All About Skills to Make Money Online and Entrepreneurship

As I mentioned several times – the skills you will learn for affiliate marketing and especially through Wealthy Affiliate will definitely help you do better faster in marketing affiliate products as a business – but – they are also far more useful than just that.

These same skills will help you do better in ANY business venture you decide to pursue.

What do I mean?

Let’s say you are a real estate agent. You need to be able to have your own site (in addition to anything your brokerage/company provides) – and that means a site that YOU own and control. You are your own brand and you need to build that too, not just make your broker more money.

You will learn how to do that inside WA – even if you don’t want to do affiliate marketing, though I think you should do BOTH!

Another example would be someone wanting to start their own B2B Digital  Freelance business.

Let’s say you want to go out to businesses in your local area (including individual real estate agents, insurance agents, etc.) and offer to build them a website and blog, help them understand and use social media and other tools and resources – all for which many people will pay you very very well to do.

But… you can’t do any of that unless you know how to do it yourself first. That you can lean inside WA.

See what I mean now?

In my case, my primary business is publishing and training. I love helping other people and have done it fr years, though I got my start in training people face to face and eyeball to eyeball. Later I learned how to create online courses and that is a focal point and a key part of my own income production system, along with writing and publishing ebooks, books, manuals, posts, articles, and all kinds of other content.

I and my wife also design and create POD products (print on demand) and we do other things to generate income too – and ALL of it has benefited from the things I have already learned inside WA and is continuing to help me do better in my own business as I continue to learn and apply what I am learning.

All that… in addition to affiliate marketing itself!

Your Decisions Determine Your Outcomes

Time for you to decide.

Do you want to try some new things and begin building your own business – or just keep doing what you have been doing?

If you want to join Wealthy Affiliate try the FREE MEMBERSHIP first and make sure it is a good fit for you and that you want to put in the time and the work.

That way you have NOTHING to lose and potentially everything to gain, so why not at least give it a try?

That’s how I did it.

When I first came across a post on a blog, much like you did here – I was intrigued but very skeptical and I can tell you that the FREE trial is what got me over the skepticism enough to take a look.

I didn’t just look either – I started testing out the courses and I poked around every nook and cranny of the membership that I could find, I read hundreds of posts and looked at webinars and more.

It was hard for me to believe that I had access to all that information for FREE!

Even harder to believe was that there were no coercive attempts to do hard sells and upsells and stupid three-way phone calls or pushy Zoom meetings etc. None of that at all.

Just a lot of people welcoming me to the community and a few automated messages wanting to know if I was ready to upgrade to premium (nothing pushy) and you can’t blame them for asking!

That was fine with me and after a few weeks eventually, I bulled the trigger (on Jan 1) and became a Premium member. It has been one of the best business decisions I have ever made and what I have already learned and applied has dramatically helped me grow my income and my business and  I am continuing to do better across the board each month – in areg part thanks to Wealthy Affiliate!

Here is a deal for you – join today using my link  – and I will personally become your coach/consultant and mentor without charging you anything for my help!

Here is how it will work. During your FREE trial, I will show you around the platform and help direct you toward where you need to go to start your courses and training and help you get answers if you need them.

Beyond that, if you decide to become a PREMIUM member as part of my network – then I will help you learn and begin doing any or all of the other things  do to make money online too, and will continue to help you with all things inside Wealthy Affiliate.

Sound good? Then join me HERE and I will see you soon inside WA.