There are a lot of people out there interested in truck driving as a career. Maybe even You?

Lots of people think about it at some point in life – for some it’s just a romantic daydream, but for others it’s a way to start a new life and live a more adventurous life on the road instead of driving a desk or some other mundane boring way to make a living.

There is a TON of stuff you should know before you set off for truck driving school though, and I am going to share as much of two decades of experience in all aspects of trucking as I can in a one hour FREE webinar coming up soon!

I haven’t set the exact date and time yet – still waiting on a couple more pieces of equipment and have a few other things to get done first but I am thinking around mid May or there about.

I just finished signing up with a new email list management company today and it should be up and running by this weekend.

If you are interested in attending the free webinar on getting started in trucking sign up for email as soon as it’s up.  I will do a post on the blog when the email list is live – so please be patient.

In the mean time, if you want to reserve a spot in the webinar now email me at and put “webinar” in the title and I will be sure to save you a seat!