Trucking offers opportunities that are unlike anything any other industry has to offer – and it is a huge industry – even bigger when considered as part of the overall transportation industry. So there is MASSIVE opportunity there for you if you want it and if you are willing to work to get it.

Keep in mind though, that if you want what it has to offer you will have to pay the price required to get it. By that I mean trucking is not a get rich quick while doing nothing at all game… and in truth, no other industry is either, though scammers and other garden variety dirtbags would have you believe otherwise. Trucking business success requires that you get educated, stay educated and that you take the right actions over and over again. It requires you to think too – if you really want to get ahead instead of just getting by. The barriers to entry for starting a trucking business are not very high – but once inside the requirements to perform well and earn the best money will test you repeatedly.

To do well in trucking requires knowledge. Many companies get started and some even manage to survive for many years but too often they are not thriving, they are just surviving – humping and bumping along barely scraping by. Yet at the very same time, others in the very same arena are doing great. They are growing their fleets, diversifying with freight brokerages, warehousing, and other things. Some get involved in niche areas that are highly specialized – and that pay much higher for that specialization.

The best of the best learn unconventional yet highly effective methods and tactics for recruiting and training drivers and they understand driver retention and work hard to keep the drivers they get. Many companies don’t get it – and others who do understand the importance of these things have little to no clue about how to actually set up and maintain management control systems that work.

Trucking has multiple different avenues for you to build your business and take it from nothing to any level you can imagine if you learn what to do and then do what you learn on a consistent and an intentional basis. Even then you will need to be continuously learning new information and skills as well as keeping current on all you will have already learned – things change – and changes require action on your part. Failure to stay current can have serious negative consequences for your business.

It is also a relationship business. To be the best you can be you will need a lot of help all along the way. You will need training, information, coaching, guidance and you will need services and products from a lot of companies and people along your way. You will need to build and maintain relationships with your staff and all your employees and contractors. Of course, you need to build and work hard to maintain great relationships with all your drivers. You will need good working relationships with insurance and bond companies, factoring companies, software companies, supply companies, drug and alcohol testing companies, compliance specialists, and many others.

You can be the most successful when you have the right relationships with the right people helping you. So build alliances and maintain them well and they will help you build your successful trucking empire.

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