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My name is L.D. Sewell or Derrick to my friends, family and clients. Most of our training and information products are available to you online 24/7 anytime you want  them. Our books and manuals can also be ordered online and all orders normally are shipped within 24 business hours.

Additional related courses can be found on Udemy.

My background includes extensive experience of more than two decades in all areas of the the Trucking industry.

Over the course of all those years I have held many positions including; driver, trainer, dispatcher, third party skills examiner, licensed instructor, recruiter, personnel director, safety director and independent consultant.

One of the most challenging experiences I had was setting up and running a truck driver training school from the ground up, including developing all curriculum, training and testing procedures as well as training and certifying all the school's instructors.

Additionally, I have set up and overseen an internal driver training program that was focused on bringing in new driver graduates with a fresh CDL but no experience, and training them to the next level and beyond as they gained experience to become top producing and highly efficient professional truck drivers.

I have assisted both owner operators and other small fleet owners as well as companies that operate dump trucks and other types of equipment with setting up and maintaining their own DOT Compliance and Risk Management Programs, and with developing recruiting programs and internal training programs of their own.

As I began to help more people, I discovered that I really enjoy training, consulting, coaching and helping people who want and need help get better results in their businesses and their lives in the process. It is very rewarding to see fear and nervousness go away as people begin to understand what needs to be done and as they become more confident that they can handle all this stuff.

You can operate both safely and more profitably - and I can help you do it.

I have always been involved in some aspect of training, consulting or coaching most of my adult life and I really enjoy helping people.

The more important issue currently - is how I can help you.

If you are thinking about starting your own career in trucking - you have just found a way that can save you years of frustration and help you thrive in an industry where most others wont even survive more than a few weeks to a few months.

If you own, manage or control any business that that operates vehicles on public roadways whether or not it is regulated by DOT and falls under FMCSA regulations, I can save you frustration, money, headaches and years of learning the hard way.

I conduct very detailed and easy to understand training programs, and show you exactly how you can implement what you learn. Most of my courses are available online 24/7 from anywhere you have access to a computer and internet connection. Occasionally I do conduct live training in person or online, and many of my live training events are FREE!

The dates and enrollment information for any upcoming events can be found on this site and on Eventbrite as events are scheduled.

Get the information you need to immediately set up and start maintaining your own management control systems from the ground up.

Even if you already have some experience in risk management, DOT compliance and safety I can help you improve any existing systems you may have in place, confirm they are adequate and show you how to streamline maintaining them so you will always be in compliance.

We offer many resources to help you, including our online courses, as well as other products and services to help you operate safely and profitably.

Email me for more information  at derrick@transportresourcesolutions.com

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