We live our lives for some illusive tomorrow that may never come. Most of us do anyway. I would like to suggest to you that there is a better way to live. Live for today – right now and enjoy your life as it unfolds. Of course we need to have goals and ambitions and we need to work toward those things too – but not at the cost of destroying every day between now and then. Take stock of all that you already have, and be thankful. You have much more than you may realize already. To start with you are alive. You can read. You can think for yourself and make decisions that result in you being able to control your own destiny. If you have a warm and safe place to sleep then that is a blessing. If you have food and water you are fortunate. If you have anyone at all that loves you then that is a blessing.

We often get caught up in the hype and the normal fast paced way of living in a rampant consumer society that we don’t take time to appreciate all the beauty and all the good that there is all around us every day. I know there is ugliness and there are plenty of bad things too – but those things are the things that we are bombarded with day and night. The media makes sure we hear all about every tragic thing that they can find day and night. But the good you have to look harder to see.

I saw a video recently where a guy was making a video where he went up to a homeless man sitting on curb and told him he was having some personal problems and family troubles and he needed help, and he wanted to know if the guy could help him out. The homeless man asked him what he was looking for, and said he didn’t have much but he would help if he could. The video guy responded that anything he could do would be appreciated. The homeless man said if you come back in an hour I will have something for you.

The video guy said OK then, I will come back in an hour. Sure enough the homeless man left and returned as promised and when the video guy came up to him the homeless man handed him a bag – the video guy asked “what is this?” the homeless man replied “it is $174.73”  (or some such amount – I forget exactly what it was)  but it was money he had been saving for months to try to get back on his feet. He was trying to give it to the video guy – to help him help his family.

The video guy was visibly moved – and explained at that point that he was shooting a video and asked him why he was willing to part with his money – which was pretty much all he had. The homeless man said it was because the video guy had come up to him and asked him and that since he was alone and had no one else to worry about he wanted to help the video guy because he had said he had a family and he had asked for help. I’m sure my description is lacking and specific details may be off a touch – but its close enough for you to get the point. Here is the link, and if it doesn’t work then go search on YouTube and I am sure you can find the video too  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7vRSrws7cV0www.youtube.com/watch?v=7vRSrws7cV0

Take time to breathe in and breathe out and just relax a little – look around and see what is around you. Notice the little things, and the big alike. If there is someone you have been meaning to call or go see – then go do it now. If there is some act of kindness you have considered doing for another – but just haven’t found the time, then go do it now.

I was raised for the most part as a child by my great grandmother. She was a little old Cherokee woman named Luna.  I joined the military when I was seventeen and was busy running all over the world and living my life. I thought many times of doing something really nice and special for her, but I was always too busy. After all, I thought – tomorrow I will do it, but not today.

One day I got a call from a relative informing me she had passed away.

In my life I have made many mistakes, yet this is one I regret more than any words can ever convey – that I did not take the opportunity when I had it to show her a simple act of kindness and respect worthy enough for her to know how much she meant to me and how much I truly appreciated all that she ever did for me. She knew I loved her – and she herself never wanted nor expected anything more. But I could have and should have done something special for her. I never did – and that opportunity is forever gone now.

Please don’t make that same mistake. If there is something you need to do for someone else – then do it now while you still can. Enjoy some time with those you care most about now. Even a simple phone call or a short visit just to tell them how much you care and appreciate having them in your life can mean more than you can imagine.

Life is about more than just stuff. It is about much more than buying and accumulating inanimate things. It is about living and about enjoying as much as you can each and every minute that you breathe. It is about spending time with people that matter to you. It is about helping others when and however you can in ways little and large.