There are all sorts of blogs, books, authors and various gurus – some calling themselves financial experts, others call themselves counselors or advisors or some other similar title. The first truth you should know is that the one person that is the most important to you in eliminating all your debts is YOU. No one else can do it for you. No system or technique is magical – and there is no such thing as the ONE and only way or the single best way. There are many different paths, tactics and techniques that can be used to get rid of debt. Some work better than others in specific cases and for specific people where others work poorly or not at all in those sameĀ  situations.

So anyone who says that they have the ONLY way or even the BEST way to eliminate debt is full of crap – so run while you still can and avoid them like the plague. Having said that there are a few programs that their creators and or designer authors will say that they like better than any others or they feel work better than most other programs for certain people – so long as their programs are followed. In which case I agree and see nothing wrong with that personally – feel free to agree or disagree with that as you see fit.

I like my own program – Extreme Debt Elimination, and it will work in all cases IF and where people actually follow it – but there in lies two problems. The first problem is that not everybody will follow it to begin with. That’s true for many reasons. The first is that it is EXTREME and as such there is a relatively small percentage of people who would even try it. Even then human nature being what it is along with the never ending barrage of societal conditioning to spend spend spend, buy buy buy and above all else conform conform conform – very few people percentage wise will ever make it through Extreme Debt Elimination.

In case you haven’t read my book Extreme Debt Elimination, let me give you the short and to the point synopsis – change your mindset about money, credit and debt – then sell all your crap – get rid of your house and its expenses, live in some type little human habitat (Boat, RV, Camper, Tiny House for example) that you can actually afford to buy, build or have built right now – paid for in full with no debt of any kind on it – then reconfigure your financial situation and use your income to get ahead instead of just getting by.

For those that are serious about eliminating debt but not quite that hard core I also believe in what I call Moderate Debt Elimination – in a nut shell it still requires serious effort but you wont necessarily need to immediately get rid of your existing house and live in a micro camper either. You will need to get rid of all other financed crap to make serious progress fast – and that means selling it in most cases or giving it back to the lender in some cases. Where there is a will there is a way – and if you are serious about debt elimination you will find a way if you really want to.

It all starts with changing your mindset – then making a decision to change your life – then if you are willing to do what needs to be done then you can change your life for the better – and change it as quickly as you want to.

So what is the bottom line? Simple really – change what you have been doing or keep getting the same old crap you have been getting…