Everyone needs a home. Beyond that what makes up a good home varies quite a bit from person to person and family to family. Shelter doesn’t have to be expensive, large or complicated. Yet through peer pressure and societal norms most of us often make make choices that are in the long term bad choices. Choosing homes that are more expensive than what can actually be afforded now traps millions of people into indentured servitude. Working 40, 50, 60 hours or more per week just to try to pay all the debts and bills to maintain over sized and overpriced ego trips.

There are alternatives though. ┬áTiny houses are one such alternative. So are RV’s and even traditional homes that are just smaller and less costly – much like many homes of the 50’s and 60’s were. These homes are smaller so they are less expensive and less complicated to build. They require less energy to heat and cool and require less maintenance. Yet they are all perfectly capable of providing comfortable sensible shelter.

Choosing the right home right now gives you the power to change your life in ways you can’t even imagine yet. It can free you from the rat race and ultimately give you more control over how you spend your time. Time is life – do you really want to spend all of your waking hours slaving away at a job you don’t like working with people who get on your nerves all just to earn a paycheck that is already spent before you even get it?

Choose a home that makes more sense and you won’t have to.