What Purpose Each Level Serves 

The idea is that anyone who is interested can join our membership easily and affordably by coming in at the Aboard Level. Aboard is primarily intended for people who have not set their own goals, developed a plan nor have any task management systems or personal financial management systems in place. At the Aboard membership level you can learn all about goal setting, developing your plan to start making progress and setting up and using a task management system to keep everything on track. You can also develop your own financial management philosophy and plan and then start using your personal financial management system to gain control of your finances and start working on your own financial goals. There are some courses and information that will be available to help those who want to start and operate and build a micro business or possibly a career in trucking for others interested in that.

Next is our Access Membership – here the idea is members at this level have their goals and plans in place and are actively using a task management system and a PFMS to make measurable improvements. They have also either picked a business to start researching and learning about – or have already started it and are actively working on building it at this level. More courses, resources and information are available at this level to help.

Inner Circle is a membership level where members are actively working on their goals with focus. Most will be running business that are making money and growing and this level is focused on maximizing that effort, gaining ground toward all goals and learning additional skills needed and providing support toward doing everything necessary better. More resources become available and especially the use of more live events and active coaching.

Core Group is for business owners. It focuses on maximizing business performance, profitability, growth and other investing options for successful business owners. Mastermind groups, workshops, coaching and multiple resources are available to our core group members.

Privateer members are trucking fleet owners with three or more trucks typically, and the goal is maximizing efficiency and profit while growing the company toward the owners specific goals. Trucking is highly regulated and complex and it requires a massive amount of attention, focus and resources which is why our Privateers are limited to a very small number – just 24 total companies will ever have access to this membership level at any given time. I am interested in helping motivated and driven fleet owners grow their fleets successfully as far as they want to go – up to about 1200 units and drivers which is a significant and highly profitable fleet. The fleet owner and key personnel will receive all the training and coaching they need to set up, run and maintain all their internal systems from recruiting to dispatch and operations to maintenance to risk management and everything inbetween.


There will be opportunities for some members to become moderators (Guardians)  and mastermind group leaders  as well as co instructors and facilitators in some of our live classes and live training events. The idea is for those who want to to be able to develop all the skills they need to build their own parallel business offering their own courses and training events to their own clients, customers and if desired start their own memberships. It is all about true opportunity to all our members to build their careers, business, wealth and their own lives to what ever level they desire and that includes YOU too!

There will be additional courses of action and opportunities available to our members at different points and we will publish information for you as those programs become available.

It is all about opportunity and about helping each other succeed – then for those who wish to do so – replicating the process and going out and teaching more people how to do the same.

Everything is a never ending process of improvement and we will continuously work to make our membership better for all and to provide the best information and training available anywhere.