In general it is a bad idea to use the word NEVER – it is such a bold and final word, and in most cases it is hard to truthfully use, except in extreme cases by extreme people. Even then it is seldom true and those uttering it will in fact do the very thing they said they would never do. In my case I can say with absolute certainty that I WILL NEVER pay another mortgage payment or make another rent payment on any home for the rest of my life. I hate all debt and I have made the extreme decision to never incur any other voluntary debt of any kind again for the rest of my life. The truth is that debt is a man made disease and as such it is completely curable and totally avoidable despite what main stream society tells you. You do not have to have a mortgage. You do not have to make rent payments any longer than you choose to either.

How do you break free? You live in what ever you can afford right now that you can actually own in full right now, and you continue doing that until you save up enough money to own something better. Step by step you move up in type and quality of what ever you choose to live in as your home as you can afford it, as you need it and as you want it in that order.Keep in mind that if you have no rent payment and no mortgage payment then it doesn’t take that long to accumulate a significant amount of money. Also consider the time you actually spend awake inside your current home. Seriously think about that. If you work a full time job then chances are that you are gone from home about nine to ten hours per day counting your workday, lunch and commute to and from work. Then what ever time you spend at the book stores, coffee shops, gym, movies, shopping, visiting friends and relatives, taking care of personal business etc, etc.

When you add it all up you may be surprised at how little time you actually spend at home that you are awake. Even then what are you doing? Chores, maintenance, yard work, cleaning and other things that go along with having a large home. Would it surprise you if I told you its only four or five hours of awake free time at home for many people in a twenty four hour day? How about you? What did you come up with?

Paying the kind of money it takes for rent or a mortgage payments just to have four or five hours a day is absolutely insane to me. I did it for years too. But understand this clearly – you do have a choice. Despite the conditioning and despite all the propaganda that says otherwise you can simply choose to live a different life if you want to bad enough to actually get up and go do it.

Research it. Expand your mind and look at the other possibilities for your life and your home. Search tiny house, tiny homes, debt free home, living on a boat, living in a yurt, living in an rv, living in a van, and see where it takes you …. In the end it is your life and you do get to decide how to live it. So choose something that will make you happier than just being a rat in the rat race. Escape the rat while you still can.