I debated for a long time whether to go ahead and get an office now – or wait until we are bigger and ready to begin adding staff – which of course is the goal and the dream as far as I am concerned anyway.

My ultimate goal is to build TRS into a Fleet of well over 100 trucks and drivers… and to do it relatively fast. With in the next three years and beginning next year sometime in the late spring or early summer.

Why then?

Because we will be able to get more accessible and more affordable insurance for one – and by then we will have all of our own core systems set up, tested, refined, and running relatively smoothly – and that is important to me BEFORE adding other people to the mix!

Will we achieve the level of trucking success I want? Will we fail and go under or struggle along somewhere in the middle?

I can not say for certainty – no one can without lying either because the truth in all cases is there are so many variables nothing is ever certain. But I can tell you that whatever happens – I will never be sitting around in my old age wondering What If questions either – because I will know with absolute certainty that I gave it my all and then some… so win lose or draw i will be at peace with my own destiny.

How about YOU?

Are you going after what you really want in life – or just hoping and dreaming of someday?

Some day is TODAY my friend – and I say go for it – go after what you really want with a vengeance of your own.

High Speed Internet – FINALLY!

Fios is what we have and it is lightning fast – especially compared to the almost nonfunctioning internet we have had for the past few years – and that was another big reason we chose to get the office now rather than later – in fact, we were paying almost as much for sub-par internet connections of all sorts desperately trying to fix the problem – that the cost-saving alone will cover our office almost fully.

We need the internet for a very key part of our business – online courses and other specialized information products. It is very difficult uploading course videos when you do not have good internet – and nothing worse than the thing working for hours only to dump it all and have to start over!

Now we do not have that problem – and there are no more excuses – so multiple new courses are coming soon… very very soon – and I will be updating all of our existing courses too!


I have been posting more videos to my L.D. Sewell YouTube Channel too.

Still working on that and trying to get both better and more consistent at uploading almost daily YouTube videos there – so that will continue too. There will also be new video tutorials and other informational videos uploaded to trucking Busines Success YouTube channel too. So if you are looking for any information on anything trucking career and trucking business related – it is coming very very soon!