Join the MemberSHIP and Get the Help and Support You Need!

Our Membership Levels Each Focus On Specific Areas and Objectives to Help You Set and Achieve Your Own Goals in Each Area of  Your life.

  • Aboard

    Clarify your vision, set your goals and begin intentionally building a better mindset. This is the foundation upon which all other aspects of life are built.

  • Access

    Personal Financial Management Systems, Methods, Tactics and Philosophy development are the focus.

  • Inner Circle

    Income production methods and tactics. How to make more than enough money, and continuously increase it.

  • Core Group

    Learn how to become a specialized information entrepreneur.  Teach, coach, consult and create specialized information products to share what you know with other people.

The L.D. Sewell MemberSHIP

We all have our own ideas of what building a better life means. But even when we already have a good idea of what we want, it is so easy to become overwhelmed and just feel lost to the point we stop making any headway toward anything.

Thats why belonging to The L.D. Sewell MemberSHIP and becoming a member of my network can be such an important part of your life, and it can be a way to get clarification, support and access to additional tools and resources all along your journey as you work to build your own vision of what you want in life.

The L.D. Sewell MemberSHIP is designed to give you just the right level of help and support that you need at specific points of your journey. You progress through each level step by step  and once you have achieved your own success in one level then you will continue on and move up to the next incrementally.

I want you to be successful in your work, in your business and in your life.

Thats why I designed the MemberSHIP the way it is.

Anyone with the will to do better can join at the Aboard level and start immediatly learning skills and getting support that will help them make more money, manage their time and resources better and get focused on specific goals of their own choosing - and be able to actually afford more advanced resources.

We will use Wealthy Affiliate as a point of entry.

Wealthy Affiliate is a massive training platform and membership with well over a million members and growing - and it has been around for many years. I am a member and a coach there aswell, and by using WA as a foundation and infrastructure we have immediate access to immense resources and support that simply would not be possible any other way.

There you will also meet and be able to interact with tens of thousands of other WA members who are all working on pursuing their own goals, which are extremely diverse. Some people are more after having a sense of direction and belonging to a supportive communnity.

People come there from all over the world, every age group and every walk of life there is. Some are newbies just begining to look for ways to make money online, while others are retired military or retired corporate executives looking to build their next career online.

We have former and current pilots, doctors, psychologists, store clerks, farmers, construction workers, locksmiths, truckers, authors, home makers, real estate agents waiters and CEO's  and all kinds of other people - with more joining every day.

They are at all levels of life and business.

Some are mostly interested in personal development, mindset and community. Others are seriously working hard to build businesses to make money online - many in Affiliate Marketing (which you can learn all about too if you like) while others are learning marketing skills and how to build websites and create content so they can use it for other business and work interests - including offline brick and mortor businesses too - or just for helping them learn skills to help them do better in there current day jobs.

Within the Wealthy Affiliate community there are thousands of very successful people in every imaginable niche and every type of business and walk of life you can think of.

You can learn from them all, and you will get my help and support too.

As I mentioned - you can even get started for FREE!


Most other instructors, mentors, coaches, consultants and memberships and training platforms want you to pay big money FIRST before you get anything at all of value.

I want you to start getting value first, and then start using it to do better in life. That will do a couple of things for you - one it helps you actually have the money you need to proceed.

Two - it lets you decide if The L.D. Sewell MemberSHIP, WA and working with me is right for you or not before you pay anything at all for it.

You also get to see everything inside Wealthy Affiliate and decide if it is right for you or if you want to pursue somthing else entirely.

Try it all for FREE - then decide.

How the L.D. Sewell MemberSHIP Works

The L.D. Sewell MemberSHIP is currently divided into five seperate levels. They include Aboard, Access, Inner Circle, Core Group - and Privateer.

Each level includes all levels below it. So in other words if you become an Inner Circle Member then your membership includes Aboard, Access and Inner Circle benefits and resources.

You must join Wealthy Affiliate to become a member of The L.D. Sewell MemberSHIP.

Choose Your Own Begining MemberSHIP Level 

You can either start for free and try it - or if you are ready to really get started and are commited to working hard to build your own version of a better life, then you can become a PREMIUM member of WA and an ACCESS member of The L.D. Sewell MemberSHIP immediatly if you really know you want to do this - and be building your own business TODAY.

If you are just about to begin your own journey toward a better life and are trying to figure out what you really want and how to get started, then my recommendation to you is to start with ABOARD. It is totally free.

Aboard is all about helping you figure out what you want, showing you how to begin developing a better mindset - and giving you access to some productivity information, tools, training and other resources to help you start making way. It also is a beginners introduction to Online Entrepreneurship and will give you a look at some ways you can begin making money online aswell as start building your own business.

The way you become a member and begin is to CLICK  HERE and join WA using my link. Once you join write me a message on my profile there and let me know you have joined. Be sure to complete your own profile right away too!

That makes you a part of my network and you get my help and support too.

You do NOT need to enter any payment information or provide any card number - just sign up for the FREE account and that gets you inside.

You will be introduced to Wealthy Affiliate and begin learning about several ways you can start earning more money - and how to start learning how to do that for FREE as well.

ACCESS is where you will also learn about Financial Management - both business and personal financial management basics and how to choose your own Financial Management Philosophy and set up your own Financial Management Control Systems.

We will also begin looking more seriously at ways you can increase your income and make more money. To become an Access member join WA then become a PREMIUM member and then complete all your core training there - as well as the training I will provide you with personally.

Inner Circle builds on Aboard and Access and continues to provide more training and support as you continue builidng a better life. Income Production Opportunities are a major focus - and looking at and learning about more ways to make more money both online and off line are included in Inner Circle.

To become an Inner Circle member complete one full year as a Premium member inside Wealthy Affiliate and complete all core training for OEC (you will learn what that is inside). Then you will automatically become an Inner Circle Member of The L.D. Sewell MemberSHIP on your anniversary date when you hit the one year mark.


Core Group is for you once you have mastered all the fundamentals and developed the skills you need to be able to handle building multiple business pursuits at the same time that are all interconnected and interelated. The specifc Income Production Opportunities you select are up to you - but we are going to focus on Specialized Information Products and related business topics as well as general entrepreneurship, and business management training and support. The idea is to help you systematically Build Your Own Business Empire - just as I am doing.  That includes creating content on multiple platforms (written, audio, video, graphics) and developing your own network/memberships where you will teach, mentor, coach and consult with your own followers and members, and you can choose to use our propriortary courses, training manauls, planners and other resources - and or develop your own. You will become a Core Group member of The L.D. Sewell MemberSHIP once you have completed one year as an Inner Circle member and have completed all core training requirements.

Privateer includes all other membership levels and benefits and personal coaching, training and mentorship by me personally one on one for one week, and then weekly via Zoom, phone and email for 12 months. Privateer is available to the most motivated, and most successful members by invitation, and there are additional costs for Privateer above and in addition to your WA membership fees.