Normally I like to build things, but ever now and then there is expediency and even enjoyment in buying something already built or having someone else build something for you. Such is the case with my current shop. Due to a variety of reasons I needed a weather tight building and needed it immediately so I bought a ready built shed. I have finally finished enough of my other obligations that I have some time to start working on my little shop in earnest.

I did have power installed – but just four outlets. Originally I was thinking that this little building – which is just an empty shell with a workbench so far – would be just a temporary solution and that I would build a much larger shop adjacent to it. After spending some time in it and considering all my options I have decided to scrap the idea of building a larger shop and instead just make this little building as efficient as I can figure out how to do so.

It will serve as my workshop and studio of sorts as will the outside area adjacent to it where I will build larger projects. All projects will be documented here on my blog and many will find their way into books, manuals, plans and YouTube videos. I just started a Patreon page to help fund all this and to help me produce the best projects, videos and content that I possibly can – so if you are so inclined to want to help me do that, then check it out.

By the way – most of my projects will be sold after I finish them to recoup the funds used to build them and to make way for the next project. Those projects for sale will be offered to my supporters first before I will make them available for sale anywhere else.

Friday the electricians will be back and they will give me enough juice to power everything I have and think I might need in the near future. I already had them run a main cable out from a new panel at the house in anticipation of hooking it to a subpanel for a much larger shop that I was considering. Now, they are going to install that subpanel here and give me the juice for overhead and task lighting, additional receptacles and enough power to run a compressor, vacuum system and a welder along with an outside outlet and an RV connection for a future project that is coming up very soon.

The place looks like a mess at the moment – everything was taken out of storage and just tossed in where ever I could find a spot. But not to worry – it won’t be like this for long!

I am going to see just how much utility I can squeeze out of this small space and I will start posting some pics as I get started transforming a small storage shed into a very well equipped and capable small shop. As soon as the shop is ready – the first project will be how to make your own crates.

For many years I made all kinds of crates that my wife and I sold to other individuals, crafters and artisans. Some used them for accents and decorations, others for storage and utility and quite a lot of them were used as packaging for soap and or candle sets. Crates are simple and relatively easy to make and fun to make, not to mention quite useful to have around.