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Yesterday I started a new journey.

I am doing an experiment using elements of two very popular diets, Keto and Paleo.

How it will turn out we shall see over the next several months, and I intend to post regular updates about my experiences and thoughts as I go along over on my Functional Fitness and Recreation blog.

Personally, I prefer the term Meal Plan, which is more long term in my mind than the term “DIET” which is usually very short term. That’s just me, but the way I see it a diet (as often used) is something that seldom to never lasts as long as intended.

The first phase of my experiment will last from now (yesterday actually 10/11/20) until the end of the year. There will be adjustments and changes along the way I am sure – and hopefully, I will get my own idea of a long-term meal plan dialed in by then. The next phase is intended to be all of 2021.

Will I do it? How will it go? What will the results be?

Time will tell…

In some ways, it will be a bit of a big shift in my normal meal plans from what I have been eating – and in other ways not as much of a drastic change, other than the elimination of eating daily Clif bars, I seldom eat sugar anyway – and I will mention more about that in a minute.

Here are my initial thoughts and goals going in;

  1. Eliminate ALL Processed-Refined Sugar – While I normally never thought I really ate much sugar since I don’t put it in my coffee, or eat cookies, candy, junk, etc. on any kind of regular basis – I eventually realized (thanks to my wife pointing it out to me) that I was in fact eating a huge amount of sugar every day because I was eating 4 to 8 Clif bar every single day! Not as snacks but as meal replacements/meals. Part of my work is very physical, which is good – and to have a fast and easy source of fuel I was just eating and living off of Clif bars (which are delicious by the way!). That ended as of yesterday. As of yesterday that all came to a screeching halt – and so far – no twitching, or convulsions ; )
  2. Reduce Processed Foods of All Kinds – I hope to eventually do as much as I can to get as close to completely eliminating all commercially processed foods as I can. For now, I will just reduce it and see how that goes.
  3. Reduce Food Quantity – Already the amount of food I eat vs the amount of physical activity hasn’t been massive, but I can do far better I think. So I want to reduce the quantity of the food I eat daily down to exactly what is actually needed for functional fitness and for the energy I need to do what I need and want to do – while eliminating all excess food other than that.
  4. Reduce Body Fat – Beyond that general thought, I do not yet have a specific target in mind. I will have to give that some more thought (and more research).
  5. Evaluate and Adjust – As I make the changes, simply see what is working for me and what isn’t and adjust my approach as necessary and desired.

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Keto and Paleo In Part Only

At this phase I will be using information and elements from both keto and paleo – yet not strictly following either. More of a hybrid approach using what I believe works and tossing anything that doesn’t work for me.

My objective is to maximize functional fitness for life and to be better able to pursue any and all recreational activities I choose, and of course just to be able to handle all activities of daily living better for life.

The next post will be on my Functional Fitness and Recreation site and blog.

Occasionally I will write about it here, but from now on all regular updates on this experiment will be posted weekly (or thereabout) on my Functional Fitness and Recreation blog at

Life is an adventure…

Thanks for reading – and until next time, always remember – Choose Your Own Course, Build a Better Life…