With the crazy situation the way the world is now and people hanging on by threads to keep the mortgaged and financed crap they have – more and more people are seeking a better way. One such way to a better life is to ditch the house and all the troubles that go with it. Goodbye mortgage, and high utility bills, insurance bills, maintenance and upkeep bills etc.etc.

By the way – houseless does not mean homeless. A home is any kind of shelter that is your home base and adequately meets the minimum requirements of providing shelter from the elements, a place to sleep, place to work, place to do your business, clean yourself, and keep you and your possessions safe – and meet what ever other minimum requirements you personally may have.

Of course the communists, socialists and meddlers and various other wannabe dictators may label you and anyone else that chooses not to live in a house or condo or apartment etc, that they degree to be normal and socially acceptable, to be homeless. Regardless  of what they think Рanything that meets your requirements and that you intentionally choose to live in or aboard is a home, and the nay sayers are all full of crap.

There is absolutely no reason to have a mortgage or pay rent if you don’t want to. Think about it. It may be a shocking thought to you, and probably is – but that is because you and practically everyone else alive has been conditioned to more or less follow socially acceptable norms – and not paying an eternal mortgage payment or never ending rent is NOT normal. I say good – and so be it.

Sometimes it’s good to be abnormal.

Keep in mind it can be a stepping stone to a different life. By doing something a bit extreme and abnormal for awhile you can make progress toward changing your life very quickly if you want to. Of course you have to want to – otherwise don’t do anything but what you are doing now – and keep getting the same results. If you do want something different though- well then you have to think and do things differently to get different results. Just the way it is.

Everything worth having requires effort. most things worth having require risk too. Nothing in this life is ever really guaranteed or certain, so the trick is to make the best of the time and the life you have. To do that you have to think for yourself. I can’t do it for you and neither can anyone else – in the end you must decide for yourself what makes sense and what doesn’t.

Nothing will ever change unless and until you change.