Almost everybody wants to make more money. Most people want an online business. Some people want an offline business. A few want to build their own business empires.

But the thing is –  very few people have any real clue how to actually do it.

While massive numbers of people sign up for the next shiny object each and every day – the vast majority will fail to achieve success. Sadly, many will never make even a single dollar.

I want to change that.

While I can’t help everybody – I can help you. If you have found your way here, and are reading this now – then you are about to learn a few things right now that can potentially change your life. If you use the things I am about to share with you. If you take action. If you do the work – and make no mistake about it – there will be work required, despite all the nonsense out there.

Let’s begin by clarifying some fundamentals.

  1. A business exists to make a profit. That is its fundamental purpose. If it can’t do that then it isn’t a business, it’s a hobby, or something else but not a business. It can do other things too – such as provide beneficial products and services to help other people, provide jobs and opportunities for others, etc, – but it can only do so if it makes a profit.
  2. A business is scalable and expandable. A job is limited. Businesses can and should use systems, methods, and tactics which provide leverage. For example, an online business uses automated systems and technology to market, sell, process and provide products and services – and make a profit when done correctly – that works for you even when you are doing something else. You can be sleeping, traveling, taking a course, building another business – or anything else you want and can imagine while your online business is still working for you. Oppose that with a job – if you do not show up and work (exchange your time for pay) then you do not get paid.
  3. Joining a program of any kind – whether it be a membership, training system, or dreaded MLM, etc. is NOT going to make you any money. In fact in most cases all such things – even the few that are GOOD things teaching and providing really useful stuff – still will not make you any money just by joining the thing and paying yearly or monthly. You must do the work. You must do it well enough to achieve success. Or you will never make a single dollar – just like all the rest.
  4. Starting an ONLINE BUSINESS is the fastest and least expensive way to start a business – and it does have the potential to generate significant revenue and profit for you. But remember – it can and will only do so if you do the work necessary and if you are successful in your efforts. That is the truth. Not popular – and not shiny sales speak, I know. But it is what it is and if you want to actually be able to build a real business online that makes you real money then you must do it based on reality – not pie in the sky misinformation.
  5. Start by gathering the information you need to make some informed decisions. Then decide. Pick a niche and pick your methods and tactics, learn enough to get started and then GET STARTED! Take action. Take Action. Take Action each and every day, step by step by step – you will make more and more progress if you keep at it.

This is the Point of Failure for Most

So far so good up to this point anyway. People love to search online, to google this and that, watch YouTube video after YouTube video, take courses on Udemy and other platforms. Maybe even sign up for a webinar, or a course or workshop. To buy eBooks and books (that they never finish reading most of the time) and keep searching for more shiny things that glisten.

But they take no action.

No real action anyway, Even if they do it is feeble and weak – and never sustained for any period of time. Yet they continue to spend hundreds of hours every year, endlessly looking for the “SECRET” to making money and being successful and making “Passive Income”.

Truth? Passive income is NOT passive. The things the gurus preach and teach – in reality are NOT PASSIVE! They require tons of hard work and a lot of time, along with a lot of continuous learning of new things. Does that sound like PASSIVE INCOME to you?

Of course not. Because it is not passive income.

So, if that is true then why do so many gurus preach and teach passive income and keep on talking about living a laptop lifestyle and showing pictures of traveling to all sorts of beautiful places throughout the world and pictures of yachts, private jets and other symbols of success?

Because it sells. It draws you in – and you buy – that’s why.

But instead of it delivering what it promises it changes nothing for most of the people who by into the hype. They spend a little (or a lot in some cases!) of money and waste some more time with another false promise before moving along in search of the next SECRET to Making Money Online soon enough.

Now, let’s take a look at how income can actually be produced;

Active, Semi-Passive and Passive Income Production Opportunities

Active means that you must actively be working at it to be making money. The most common example of this is what most people have all of their lives – a JOB. With a job, you work X number of hours for X amount of pay. For example, let’s say you work 40 hours per week for $10 per hour then you earn $400 per week. If you double that and earn $20 per hour for the same 40 hours then you earn $800 per week. If you can find a way to double that and you can earn $40 per hour for 40 hours then you can earn $1600 per week.

Most people in the US do not make that much. Most people elsewhere in the world typically make far less than that. But regardless of what you make per hour – even let’s say you could make $100 per hour – you will always be limited to the maximum number of hours you can work before you pass out or lose your mind.

How many hours can you work? There are 24 hours in each day and 7 days in each week. That totals up to 168 hours in a week – keeping in mind you can never work all of that even if you desperately wanted to. You have to sleep, go to the restroom, shower, change clothes, spend time with family and friends and do other things. You also have errands, chores, commute time etc. etc. Hopefully, you spend some time getting some recreation and exercise as well. All those hours must be subtracted from the potential hours you can work reducing that 168 total hours in a week down to somewhere between 40 and 70 hours for most people.

So back to the math thing again. 70 hours x  $ ______   = $ _______ your maximum potential pay.

Whatever your numbers are is what your numbers are. If you want to earn more than that you must find a way to make more per hour by getting a better paying job or finding some other ways to make money altogether.

Active also includes owning and operating a business personally as a self-employed person. That can mean any number of things and apply to a wide range of work. Some examples would be an independent owner operator truck driver, freight broker, real estate agent/broker, insurance agent, mechanic, electrician – and many others. It also applies to doctors, lawyers, professors, and other so-called white collar positions too.

Even when you are paid based on personal production you still have hard limits. Only so many miles you can drive (as a trucker) in a given period of time.

If you are paid based on trucks you unload, piece counts, or some other item by item thing – again you can only do so much in any given period of time even if you are the most efficient and productive person on earth.

Let’s look at a Chiropractor for example. On any given day there is a maximum number of people a chiropractor can treat. Only so many back adjustments and initial exams are possible. No matter how hard he or she may work – there is a definitive limit to how many people they can see and thereby a limit to how much they can earn.

Granted – it is potentially far more than some other positions – but limited in just the same way. Active work X hours = ______ maximum potential income.

If you are producing active income personally – whether as an employee or as a self-employed person – if you stop working you stop earning. Take a vacation, get sick, have an injury – whatever – and your income stops.

Semi-Passive Income 

This is really what most of the gurus are running around squawking about and selling packaged as “Passive” when it is not.

Semi-Passive Income means that you have to do the work upfront to get it started – then you have to keep doing some maintenance and other work to keep it going, but once launched and successfully established it takes relatively minimal efforts to keep it going.

Some examples of this include;

  1. Online Courses
  2. Books, eBooks, Audiobooks
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. Digital and Other Specialized Information Products
  5. Print On Demand (POD) Products
  6. Fulfillment By Others (FBO) which is basically dropshipping in one form or another
  7. Real estate Investments (Some are semi-passive others are active)

In most cases, you are going to need and want to create one or more websites to market your products. Some things will require that you create many sites and write a large number of posts, articles and other content.

You may need and want to create a YouTube channel and make videos, to create a Podcast and record and release regular episodes on it.

None of these things is passive to get them created, up and running and productive. Now once they exist, some are relatively easy (or at least easier than completely creating something else!) to keep them going but they still require some work and some attention on an ongoing basis.

You will also need to market and promote them to drive traffic and traffic is essential for conversions and conversions are required to produce sales and sales are necessary to produce revenue and revenue is needed to get profit.


Passive Income 

This is the holy grail of income production. It is the most elusive too, at least to real people in the real world who are seeking to go from broke or nearly broke to making a full-time income from it that can replace their income from a job.

Truly passive income is just that – passive.

Once established then nothing further is required except that you receive the income from it.

So what are some sources of passive income?


Here are a few;

  1. Stock dividends
  2. Royalties – from a book, screenplay, music
  3. Investment income – own a portion of a company that is profitable
  4. Trust Fund

Unless you are born into a wealthy family and they are paying your way in life – then the trouble with these things is that they are not easily attainable at a level that can make a serious difference, if they are attainable at all to everyday real world working people – that means to you and I and 99% of the rest of the people on this planet.

Once you are wealthy then you can build and protect more wealth here – but you have to get to the point you can do that first!

Gaining  More Bigger Picture Clarity

There are variations in definitions depending on the source you are using when discussing these things. What matters most is that you now understand the general concept and ideas discussed so far.

Beyond all that – there are ways to use various systems, methods, tactics, and strategies in combination to produce better results and make more money. For example – a self employed business owner can change his or her strategy from being the worker to being a leader and put systems, policies, procedures – and the right people in place to do most of the work thereby turning active income production methods into at the very least semi-passive income production sources.

In a few cases, it can be taken even further – and for all intents, and purpose becomes as close to passive income as is realistically and honestly possible.

Let’s go back and look briefly at a couple of examples of how this can be done.

Remember our Chiropractor friend we talked about earlier? What if he or she developed extremely efficient procedures, and put them in place. Then they hire a new chiropractic school graduate to do the actual adjustments. Now the chiropractic practice owner is no longer treating patients personally – but has become a manager and a leader of other people.

More marketing is done, more patients are attracted – another doctor is hired to treat the new patients – revenue increases. Most of it is reinvested back into the business – better systems, better marketing, more revenue, and profit. Over time the owner/leader/manager keeps growing the business until there are several locations within the region – all bringing in more money.

Some of that money is used to diversify and start additional sources of income – let’s say real estate investing for example. Some of that ever increasing additional money is used to keep training and improving the leadership teams that now oversee all the daily activities and operations of each individual business operation.

As the organization grows a portion of the revenue is continuously reinvested back into maintaining and improving the organization on a continuous basis. Other revenue is used to keep diversifying and starting, building and growing new businesses – new income production sources. All the experience, all the lessons learned, all the contacts and resources already attained as well as new resources as they are acquired are all brought to leverage continued growth.

Some profit is used to invest in other companies, to buy stocks, bonds and other things that can produce passive income. As more and more money is earned – a portion of it all is used to make more investments to make more money.

So active has become semi-passive and that has been used to also obtain passive income.

Another example is the truck driver who becomes an independent contractor – leased on owner operator. Then he or she becomes an independent owner operator, then a fleet owner. The same tactics, methods, and systems are used as mentioned with our chiropractic friend. As more revenue is generated and more specialized knowledge and skills are acquired – more people are hired to handle more and more of the day to day operations so that the once very active income production has become semi-passive and all the way to almost passive – once the right policies, procedures, management controls systems – and the right people – are in place.

There are successful chiropractors using these exact tactics today – but they are few  – and they are rare.

There have been and are numerous motor carriers (trucking companies) that have grown from single truck operations to the most successful and huge operations now referred to as megacarriers in the country – and in the world for that matter. Go look at their histories and stories for yourself. look at Schneider, Werner and JB Hunt – just to get you started.

This is how empires are built.

It is also how you can start working to build your own empire if you dare.

Design and Start Building Your Own Business Empire

Picture this. You start your own online business. It costs you very little to do so – and can in fact be started for Free and then can cost you as little as $50 per month.

Then learn the basics. Learn the fundamentals and work your butt off to get to your first financial goal – that is to make your business pay for its own growth and cover that $50 or so itself as soon as possible. Then keep increasing it – go from making zero dollars and having to pay into it – to it paying its own way, to growing – to it making $100, then $200 a month and keep it growing.

But you do NOT start buying crap with your money!

You keep reinvesting it. Put it right back in and use it to produce more and more and more income. Eventually, you will get it to a point that it can continue the level of growth and sustainment that you desire – while also producing enough profit that you can begin taking a portion of it out to spend as you see fit on whatever you see fit.

See how that works?

There are many different ways to make money online and offline. I suggest you begin with online as it is by far the least expensive and easiest to get started in. While offline businesses – more typically thought of traditionally as small businesses such as coffee shops, restaurants, retail stores, service businesses like heating and cooling, pest control and many others, can all potentially be profitable – they have their own drawbacks too.

The biggest drawbacks are the amount of money needed to get it off the ground and all the legal hoops and hurdles you have to jump through to even try it. That means there is a ton of risk and if you fail you may still be on the hook for thousands, tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Beyond that many of these types of businesses require specialized training, knowledge, skills – and often a license – that can take months if not years and hundreds or even thousands of dollars to get.

While it may be worth going after if a particular thing is your passion – it will take far more money, time and effort to get any offline business up, running and profitable than it does to launch build and grow your own online business.

But make no mistake – to be successful at it you are going to have to work and work hard and it will still take some time.

If you envision (and then go research) some of the companies I mentioned and many others with the same beginning in all industries – it can and should almost take your breath away and maybe make your knees shake a little if you really think deeply about it.

But keep this in mind – you do not even need to take it anywhere near that far! You can pursue that if you like, and maybe you can even do better than some of these empire builders before you – but you can do far less and still achieve a far better life for yourself and your family than otherwise imaginable or attainable.

What would just making another $500 or $1000 per month mean to you and your family right now – on top of whatever you are already earning? For most people that is huge!

Then how much easier world it be once you know for certain how to make money online to keep growing it?

Keep doing it – little by little. Step by step by step. Rinse and repeat. Learn and improve. Repeat. Repeat and repeat again, and again and again- and take it as far as you want and as far as your own ambition, skills and abilities will take you. How far can you go? How far do you want to take it?

Can I guarantee you will be successful? NOPE.

I do not know you, and I have no idea whether you will put in the time the effort and the resources and keep doing it without getting lazy or distracted and running off chasing the next shiny thing or not. The potential is there. The methods and tactics are there. You are the variable – and your success or failure will be your own doing. If you do the work necessary to achieve success then you will be successful – if you do not then you will not be successful. Either way, it will be your own doing – nobody on earth will do it for you.

I know this though – you can never be successful at something if you never even try.

Decide for yourself.

Then if you do decide to do this – come and join me!

Let’s help each other and share our lessons learned as we each build our own business empires. I have tried a lot of things both on and offline, some have worked out well and continue to produce income consistently month after month which is increasing as I continue learning and applying what I learn more effectively. Other things I have tried have failed and cost me time and money to learn hard lessons the expensive way.

Through all my efforts I have discovered what works and what doesn’t – and I am systematically focusing on the things that produce results and make money. As I make more I am following the routine I just laid out for you and I am using my resources to continuously grow my income through multiple interconnected income production sources as I build my own business empire. You can do the same if you like.

While I do not claim to be wealthy, and don’t use photoshop pictures of jets and yachts to mislead people – I am making money online right now and it is increasing. I am building my own business empire step by step by step and you can do the same if you choose to.

Want my personal help and support?

If so then come join me now for FREE! No card number needed – simply click the link, sign up for your free membership – then take a look at all the training, tools and resources available to you – not to mention all the help, training, mentorship, and support you will get from me personally – then if you do decide to become a premium member I will continue helping you throughout your journey as you build your own business empire.  Click HERE and sign up for your FREE membership – then send me a personal message once you are on the inside!

Whether you choose to join me and get my personal help or not – I sincerely wish you well in all you do in business and in life. Believe in yourself. Be bold – take action – do the work that others will not do and reap the rewards of success my friend!