The membership site is about finished – structurally anyway. Adding and updating content will be a never ending and continuous improvement process. But then that is the fun part!

This is and has been a labor of love – but man o man has it been a shit ton of work too!

At this point there is already light at the end of the tunnel and the work process will be changing from massive building and figuring out systems and platforms and layout to the part I personally enjoy more than any other and that is writing and creating content, content and more content.

This post is not only the first internal membership post – officially – but it is also a test of how the system works.

Stay tuned – so long as this thing works as intended I will begin routine updates to it starting now. Im not going to set an exact schedule but in general I will post something new here at least weekly and when there is something needing to be put out more frequently as needed.