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To help you get started quickly and begin making progress immediately, we offer several completely free resources. Some you can simply download and use without even providing so much as your email address. If you find our free information, tools, and resources helpful and want to learn more, get access to additional in-depth information, training and support we have you covered there too with additional resources as you need them.

How To Get Started In Trucking

Trucking offers you all kinds of amazing opportunities. It can provide you with an almost immediate job and a career that can put food on your table, give you benefits and an opportunity to grow as far as you ambition and determination can take you.

You can become a company driver, owner operator, freight broker or even a fleet owner if that is your ambition. along your journey you can learn about and pursue many opportunities that will increase your knowledge and skills and help continuously take you to the next level.

Having said all that trucking does have some challenges too - and it is NOT the right career choice for everyone.

Use these resources to help you decide whether it is right for you or not, and then if it is how to get started the right way.


  • Trip Analysis Sheet
    Trip Analysis Sheet

    Complete this form for each load run and file it in your own three ring binder, one binder per year. Use this information to make informed decisions for your own Trucking Business Success.

Coming Sooon

Self Assessment

Choosing Your Trucking Route

Getting Your CDL

Surviving Road Training

Career Builders Checklist

Independent Owner Operatror

Freight Broker

Fleet Owner Startup Checklist

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