As I began and continued my own journey many years ago into entrepreneurship I was often frustrated by the fact that the information and help I needed and wanted was expensive and unaffordable.

Eventually, I learned enough to make enough progress that I could get access to training and specialized information more easily. But it took years of work and lots of trial and error of learning by making mistakes.

That is why I go out of my way to make sure that we offer plenty of FREE information, training, support, and access to more resources as you need and want them.

Through hundreds of posts, articles, checklists, guides, and other resources anyone who wants my help and our help can have it regardless of their budget or lack thereof.

The idea is simple and straight forward. Use what you need and use it to make progress in your work, business and life – and if you do that then soon enough you will easily be able to afford more in-depth training and help – and you will already know that what we provide you with is of value to you and that it will continue to help you do better and better in your life.

So feel free to take advantage of all the free stuff we offer and keep an eye out for what’s coming too!

Visit our Free Resources page and use the links available.

We now have multiple YouTube channels, a podcast, and quite a few courses already published with more being worked on right now. I am also working on a couple of new books that should be out before too long.

Use the Free Resources page often – or better yet – just go ahead and sign up for email notifications and I will let you know when we publish a new course, book or other resources that can help you.