Consider becoming a truck driver first. Drive for a year or two before you launch your main trucking business.

Doing this will give you insights and experiences that will help you deal with customers and drivers much better and it will provide you with information and skills that will help you manage your company better from day one.

Granted – this is not a route that everyone is going to take, and you may choose to become a fleet owner or freight broker or start some other trucking-related business without ever having sat in the drivers seat of a single tractor trailer. But if you do choose to speed at least a little time in a truck – you will have information and experience that will help give you a few steps of a head start on your competition.

You can also decide to go out on the road for a few days or weeks with other drivers. That will still help you gain some information simply not available to others who choose not to do so.

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Additionally, we will be adding some very in-depth trucking related courses inside our own Training Center in the coming months as well, so be sure to keep an eye on that and better yet Рgo ahead and become a member soon so you will be able to get all the help and ongoing live support you need.