It is important to carefully consider what exactly it is you are building. Are you creating a self-employment situation where you must do all the work or most of it personally? If so that business type is severely limited because you are limited in how much you can personally produce in a given day, week or month. If anything happens and you cant work for a while – or just don’t want to – then your income stops as soon as you stop working.

On the other hand, if you are using other people to help you build and grow your business by building a team of quality people and managing and leading them properly you can scale that as big as your abilities and ambitions can take you. You can even build a combination where much of the work is handled by others as employees, independent contractors or affiliates – while still retaining some of the key things that are profitable and that you enjoy doing personally, so long as you have the time and energy you will need to lead and manage your organization. Figure out your systems and put them in place by design.

The core principles and systems can be applied to almost any kind of business in any industry.

There are many benefits. The first is that it can be scaled. You can grow it as big as you like. The second is that you are the one at the helm instead of the one in the bilges. Your job is to be the visionary and to lead – others will happily do the work – for fair compensation. They don’t want to lead. This world is made up of and needs both types of people. But for you – as the business owner, it is critical that you intentionally and systematically build your business to an intentional design instead of haphazardly as many are built.

Just a few things to think about.

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