We are reworking our Free Resources pages and Additional Resources pages along with the blog and some other parts of our site. We are also updating and changing some of the information on other pages. So if you visit over the next few days please keep all that in mind and be patient. You will find links that do not work and possibly even the site itself down momentarily – just know we are working on it with wrenches in hand day and night now until we get it in shipshape. Though the major structure is all in place (whew…) we are still moving provisions aboard and arranging the furniture – so to speak.

in other news, we are also starting to look for our first Independent Sales Associate Membership Recruiters who will be authorities in their own core areas and will help us build and support this community as they also continue to build their own completely separate but allied businesses too. This is a very exciting phase of our business and we are looking for the best people, not the most people. We are also only going to have 24 filling these positions and they will be personally hand picked by me and recruited by me personally. Then they will be trained and supported by me also as it relates to what they will be doing within our membership. They are already authorities in their own right on their core topics, but in recruiting, coaching and mentoring our members – they will get all the information, training tools and support they need – and the compensation they need to do an outstanding job.

So if I call you or message YOU be sure it is not random and you have been carefully selected. If you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity of a lifetime then be sure to accept my offer quickly, otherwise, you may miss out on something awesome that will never come your way in your life again.

For everyone else who wants an opportunity to build your own business – do not worry. As soon as we get the membership up and running YOU will have your opportunity to get the training and information you need and become an affiliate if you like and build your own independent business successfully right along beside us.

Thanks for listening and I will talk to you again soon!