Freight brokerage offers you an unusual opportunity to start a business capable of producing six figures – or even seven – if you can do the job, learn the business and become very proficient at it. It can do all that and more and you can get started with very little money comparatively speaking if you know what you are doing. You need a surety bond and that will be your biggest startup cost most likely, and beyond that chances are you already have most of what you need to start your business.

You need a quiet place to work. Spare bedroom converted garage, basement, attic etc. You need a decent computer and a high-speed reliable internet connection, printer, basic office stuff – desk, chair, file cabinet and a few other things you can easily get from Amazon or any big box store. You will need some specialized information and training too – and that you can get from a number of different online courses and books – including my own course and soon to be courses and a future book.

If you are interested in taking my Freight Brokerage course visit our Courses page and take a look at what we currently have to offer.