We Now Have  A Free Resources Page!

This episode is to let you know more about our new Free Resources page and what is available there now and what we have coming soon as well as a general update on everything else we are working on for you now.

On the Free Resources page, you will find access to checklists, reports, quick start guides, worksheets and much more. Many of these are available for your personal use absolutely free with no need to register or sign up to get them required.

Several checklists and other resources are available there now and we will be adding a lot of new resources over the coming weeks until we have a fairly extensive library that covers all of our core topics that we focus on and that we teach.

Simply pick the available resource you want and download it and use it. Simple, quick and easy.

If you find the resources you use to be helpful and want more in-depth information, that will all be available to you too.

You can get access to additional resources by selecting the Additional Resources Available button toward the bottom of the page and it will take you to the next Additional Resources Available summary page and give you access to even more resources for you and an overview of what is available there. Many of those resources will still be free to you but they will require an email address and sign up to access them. Others will be available at low affordable prices.

You will have even more information, tools and resources that are very affordable available to you too. Some as low as 99 cents.

We will also be offering a couple of bundle deals that will give you a ton of courses and resources at incredible values! They will be on the Additional Resources Page within a few weeks.

You can also use the main navigation buttons and links for the site to get access to all of our available resources.

We had a few site “challenges” as we have continued to make upgrades but everything is back up and under control – for the moment. Keep in mind we are still adding more key components but all of the major build-out is almost done. The site and what we do will always be getting updated and upgraded, evolving and changing as we need to to make it the best we can for you and keep it that way. But soon it will be mostly content instead of apps and platforms that we are adding.

Our YouTube channel will be live by this weekend. May not have much on it just yet but it will be officially active and our Vimeo channel will be up and running by next weekend too. So lots of stuff coming together now! The next 90 days or so are going to be very interesting.

Thanks for reading and or listening and I will talk to you again soon in the next one!