It’s a great time to start changing your life!

Figure out what work you are meant to be doing – what will bring you the most fulfillment and purpose while at the same time allow you to earn a better than good living while you do it. Do that instead of remaining trapped in a job and or a career that you hate. Life is to short – so don’t wast another year!

Find your best work and start building a better life and do it NOW!

While you do that, also consider and figure out how you can gain more control over your ability to produce income – think about starting and owning a microbusiness of some kind. Even if your chosen work is working at another company and even if you are really happy with that – why not also start figuring out how you can take those skills and your experience and redirect some of it into something you control as a part time microbusiness of your own?

That way you have more independence and self relianceĀ in case something ever happens to the primary job – or just in case you decide to leave it someday. Let’s say for example you love to teach. Then start teaching some online courses of your own. Maybe you are passionate about doing workshops or you counsel and help people with various issues as part of your primary job – then consider becoming a coach or a consultant in your own practice too.

Just stuff to think about.

I also wanted to let you know we are excited to be getting ready to release all kinds of new information, products, and other resources over the next ninety days or so – and the first of it will begin this weekend! We finally finished our MANIFESTO and that will be published on our site Saturday along with more information on the same page about exactly what it is we are working to accomplish and how we are doing it all.

There are several new courses coming out and some new books too. As each one is published I will let you know about it in the next blog post as we launch them.

One of those things also is going to be a new Free Resources page. On it, you will be able to download free checklists, reports, guides and other informative and helpful resources. There will also be free lists of other tools and other available resources including where you can get them from. We will also tell you about other resources we offer such as each of our facebook groups – what they are about, who should consider joining them and how to go about it.

There will be information too on that page about all the other additional resources we offer and how to use them all.

Well, that does it for this oneĀ  – I hope you are having a wonderful and happy new year so far and I will talk to you again soon!