A Fleet Owner And An Owner Operator Have Very Different Roles 

When you decide to make the transition from being an owner-operator, or from whatever else you are doing now – If you want to build your own fleet – you are about to enter a whole new world!

So start getting ready NOW before you make that move so you will be more prepared for your new role. You will be doing many things of course, especially in the beginning, but as quickly as you can your focus will need to be more and more on your people. Making sure the right people are selected, hired, trained and then that they have a crystal clear understanding of what their own responsibilities are and that they have all the tools, resources and support they need to get their work done.

Leadership and management are your focus. You decide the overall course and your people carry it out.

Some never seem to learn this and they constantly focus on all the wrong things. They spend massive amounts of time and resources messing with things they should not be doing themselves at all Рand as a result, their companies suffer. Some eventually fail and the rest struggle for decades, more often than not barely scraping by.

I highly recommend that you don’t follow their lead.

Instead decide now – before you start your fleet – what it is specifically that you want to accomplish. Then get the information, training and support that you need to make it happen.

With that in mind consider our new Facebook group, Trucking Business Success. The focus of the group is on helping you to build the most successful trucking company that you possibly can and to be a resource for you all along the way.