If you run a business, manage a business, or work within a business in any capacity using systems effectively and consistently can make your organization and  your life much more productive and efficient. More enjoyable too.

Ever heard the story of McDonald’s ?

The most fascinating thing about it is NOT its food at all… but rather the system behind how the food is made. The system about how critical operations are handled. The system for quality and uniformity – how one is just like the next and the customer in return comes to count on that experience and trust it from one to the next to the next.

Ray Kroc was something else… a milkshake machine salesman with big ideas.

His version of franchising was based on a system too. He realized what worked and what didn’t early on and that the only way the McDonald’s empire he envisioned could actually grow into reality instead of just his crazy idea was if the system he envisioned was enforced uniformly and included every single restaurant.

People thought he was crazy.

Turns out he was right and their opinions didn’t really matter at all.

There is a lesson in  that too. What matters is not anyone elses opinions – but only whether something is true or not, and whether a given thing actually works or whether it won’t. That’s what matters in the end.

Systems work. He got it. Because he got it he was able to build an empire that practically every human being on the planet is intimately familiar with or at least has heard of –  all from little more than just key ideas.

You can tap into the same power and use systems to improve your life in every way too.