You Already Work For Yourself – Whether You Realize That Yet Or Not…

The way you go at your vocation, whether that is in trucking or in another industry, and regardless of whether your position is as an employee, independent associate or company owner for that matter – your results are always going to come back to your own mindset again and again. How you see yourself and what you do as a result of that matters.

Trucking is ideally situated to be beneficial to people who understand this concept from day one.

If you approach trucking like a business and treat it as such (whether you are a company driver or not) you will perform far better than those who just don’t get it. You will make more money, drive better equipment, get better loads, get home more predictable and generally have a much more profitable and enjoyable career. While you are doing so the whiners and complainers will be out there saying there is no money in trucking and what a terrible lifestyle it is (notice they stay though) and just saying the same old crap they always have and always will.

Never mind them – the best thing you can do is ignore them and stay away from them! People with such attitudes drain your mental energy and waste your time – and time is your most valuable commodity. Try hard to avoid letting others squander it!

Instead always be planning and taking action – reviewing your goals and your progress and working to be better every day. Find information and resources that are informing and helpful – learn new things and refine the things you learn so you perform better and get better results. If you want more details on all aspects of professional trucking, then take some of my courses which you can find at  and join our new facebook group which I will have available before the end of this month (November 2017).

This facebook group is going to be a free resource for my current, past and future students and those interested in trucking and looking for more information to help them decide whether to seriously pursue it further or not. So if you really want to know about trucking as a business and as a lifestyle including the good and the bad then this is a good place to get your information and access to other resources.

I will also be offering heavily discounted coupons and other benefits available only to group members.

Well enjoy the podcast and talk to you again soon!