Everybody wants more money and a nicer life… How about you?

There are many ways to get it too. You can start a business of your own with very little money. Some cases you can do it with almost no money – if you have the right information. That much is true. It is also where the gurus come in – ready and willing to give you that magic formula information right now! They can show you how to start your own cash making machine that does not require you to know jack about jack, learn anything much, do any work, or wait for the payoff – you can have it all right now so quick and easy with their super duper secret sauce program. Just as fast as you can get out your credit card and pay. But it won’t be cheap – it will be several hundred to several thousand dollars. But don’t worry – it is pretty much a sure-fire thing – almost guaranteed (read the fine print – not really guaranteed at all!).

Now don’t get me wrong either – I love specialized information, training, and all kinds of courses – and I have taken hundreds of courses over my lifetime – some great, some not so much. But what I don’t like is when people prey on other people and make promises they know are just very high priced slickly presented utter BS. There are many that fall into this category.

Some other courses and systems ARE  worth thousands of dollars and a very few are worth tens of thousands – but they are not entry level courses targeting the masses! They are highly specialized courses targeting a very select group of people who can afford them and who need the information they offer. These courses are good – and they are NOT the problem.

The bad courses and systems are those DESIGNED and INTENTIONALLY  targeting and preying on the working people specifically to extract as much money as possible from as many as possible in exchange for little to nothing of any real value. That type program is what I don’t like – those that prey on other people and make promises they know are just very high priced slickly presented utter BS – and ultimately help no one – instead, they leave them far worse off than they were before. Even worse than that –  they destroy their hope – so many just quit even trying and think everything is some kind of scam just trying to take advantage of them.

Entrepreneurship is great – and you can make a great living – but it will require work, effort and a workable plan that is consistently acted on daily toward achievable goals. 

Should you take courses and get coaching, counseling, and support? Absolutely yes!

The key is to choose a good company to get your training, products, and support from – and when choosing one keep in mind – any real true and long-term success will require WORK from you. You will have to learn new things, take action, and DO things consistently – new things that will be hard to understand and harder to do in the beginning…

So choose something that makes sense and that you can make real step by step progress and that you don’t have to go into hock up to your eyeballs to start making that progress either!

The Bottom Line – There are SOME good and useful programs for beginning entrepreneurs – that have useful information that can really help you and that you can relatively easily afford. But for every good one there are at least 10 terrible ones out there just trying to fleece you – so be careful and proceed – but proceed with caution and buy what you need when you can afford it –  and don’t fall for way overpriced hyped up garbage in the process…