How do you see yourself in your job? do you have a BOSS or do you have an Employer?

These subtle word choices seem innocuous enough on the surface – but they hint at something far more serious – your own internal references and how you see your situation and your place in your job and the world around you. The dependent mindset leads people to feel they are not really the ones in control of their own lives. They see their boss as having more control over them than they have over their own lives!

Sounds incredible and it is Рyet this is how multiple millions of people see themselves and their roles in whatever they do for a living.

On the other hand, the individual who sees him or herself as an Independent Employee and maintains an independent mindset doesn’t see their situation the same at all. They view their work as a mutually beneficial professional relationship that is at will – one which they make the major decisions in and if at any point they are unhappy with their employer, they are ready willing and able to fire their employer and find a new one.

They are confident in themselves and their knowledge skills and abilities and will act when necessary to preserve and protect their own interests. Now when faced with ultimatums and pay cuts and loss of benefits these people are far most likely to stand up for themselves and also reduce their contribution to their employer in terms of duties and responsibilities as well as overall time and effort – or simply to leave and seek better employment elsewhere at a better company – or to take their skills training and knowledge and start their own company of some sort.

When the dependent mindset employee encounters the same situation – they cave immediately and they just put up with whatever their boss dumps on them – and with every new insult they lose a little more self-respect and become even more dependent on the company and the system as a whole than they were before.

Any of this ring a bell – sound faintly or glaringly familiar to you?

In the end, it’s always your choice how you see yourself and how you live your life. Really. You DO have a choice …

So I recommend that you consider changing your mindset – if you are not happy with your lot in life – and try thinking and doing things differently.