Often people get frustrated with themselves when they fail to meet a deadline or a goal they have set for themselves – then they just quit trying and give up. They go back to being normal, and normal doesn’t accomplish much.

In case you don’t know it already – you will fail sometimes – that’s life. But what you do when you do is what really makes the difference in your overall success or ultimate failure in this life.

You see the quitters quit trying – so they lose. They always will. That will always be their fate until and unless the day comes when they they decide to get up, dust themselves off and try again.


If you look at the real back stories of the most successful people in history – in business and in all other areas of life – you find that common theme again and again. They never quit. Sometimes they fail. They get bloodied bruised and beaten – they get tired and pass out from exhaustion, and they lay there and rest a few minutes. They gather their wits about them and they get back in the arena and start slugging and kicking and making progress. Then they do it again and again until they accomplish what ever they set out to do.

That’s how you make things happen. Keep working at it and improving and day by day you get closer and closer until you reach your goals.


So keep at it and NEVER quit!