In the world of trucking there are some things you don’t have complete control over – particularly as a driver. Your load schedule itself may be set but what you do with the time between pickup and delivery is largely up to you. If you use a specific task management system and work toward written goals following a sound plan you will make progress.

That is how you can begin building a better life and making more and more money in the process.

This same principle applies to others in the trucking industry, dispatchers, freight brokers and anyone else. For that matter it applies to everyone regardless of what industry they are in.

People who have written goals, specific plans and use a task management system effectively consistently outperform those who don’t.

So get a system and start using it. Nice systems are nice – but the essential elements can be accomplished even with a simple cheap spiral notebook.

Take charge of your time and your life.

This is so important in all walks of life – and it is critical to your overall success…