Design and Build a Better Life of Your Own as an Entrepreneur

You have the ability and the power to change your life right now if you want to and are willing to do it. But nobody is going to bring it to you on a silver platter either…

If you want something different you have to try to do something different. One way to do that is by running your own business of some kind. But what? Well, for starters it has to be something that is marketable and that there are customers willing to pay for what you want to sell and are able to provide. Too many people choose something solely because they’re into it – maybe even great at it – but it wont matter if there is no market for it – what ever it happens to be.

Then even if there is a market and there is potential profit available – you must be able to produce and make things happen – not just creating the product – but making sales too. Either you do it or find someone who can who is willing and able to work with you to make it happen. Typically they are going to get paid based on the success they bring – maybe even half of everything that comes in. In some cases less and others more – it just depends – but they will not do it for free, and anyone worth having help you that can actually produce meaningful measurable results – consistently – is going to require that you pay them in direct proportion to the value they bring.

So find help.

Even if you want to keep working a job – maybe even the very job you now have if that is your choice – you can still better your life immeasurably by working there as an Independent employ vs a Dependent employee.

Its a mindset different that changes how you see everything there and how you spend your time and energy. You benefit in numerous ways other than just the paycheck. The knowledge and skills you intentionally acquire can be used later to take you anywhere you can imagine in life if you are willing and able to do the work.

The dependent employee doesn’t get that – and never will. The dependent employee thinks the company will take care of them, and they wait…

Usually they will be sadly and bitterly disappointed. Don’t be a dependent employee and don’t wait – go get it done yourself for yourself and those you care most about. Line up your finances and your life so you have a surplus of income that grows with each paycheck instead of just scraping by. That way – if you stay there – you do it truly because you CHOOSE to and know that anytime you decide and want to you can easily leave with relative security and confidence because you built your circumstances that way.

There is a lot you can do to improve your life both now and for the future.

You can also get help with learning how to do almost anything you need to figure out by taking courses online and going to seminars, attending webinars, listening to podcasts, reading books and getting access to other specialized information. There are coaches, consultants, mentors, mastermind groups and all kinds of people who can help you along your journey – but remember you have to do the work.

If you cut your expenses and eliminate all big ticket debts asap you can reset your life. You can begin to rebuild it into a new life in all ways that matter. Your choice – make some hard but temporary and extreme changes now – or pay the price and suffer all that indentured servitude brings with it for life…

You decide.

You have my recommendation – Choose Your Own Course, Build a Better Life!