Trucking Now vs. The Good Old Days

They Weren’t That Good! Today is the Best Time Ever to Start Trucking…

Its funny to listen to some people bitch whine and complain about trucking today and how much they miss the  “good old days” .

The hard cold truth is they were never that good to begin with. Trucks were nothing compared to what they are today in terms of driver comfort and amenities. Who can honestly tell me they would prefer to have an old cabover with a dog box and a single bunk – with suspension that would knock the filling out of your teeth every time you hit a pot hole, to a modern condo – with almost apartment like features?

How about the dimly lit crater sized holes in the parking lots greasy spoon shit holes they used to call truck stops – compared to a modern travel center with all its bells and whistles?

Stand in line for a pay phone – if you could even find one that worked and that you could hear good enough to hear the other person speak on or they could understand you either for that matter.

Technology and the internet make this the best time in the history of trucking to become a truck driver so far – if you are motivated and willing to work hard and smart, you can build yourself an incredible life. While some are bitching moaning and complaining you can be raking in the cash and working toward building yourself a secure and prosperous future.

But you have to do it. Not the trucking company. Not society. Not the government. Not the past either… your future is what ever you make it.

It can be great or it can suck rocks. But you are the one in the drivers seat of your own life.

Become a rolling recruiter. Run as a team with your significant other – if you have one. Educate your self – not for some BS degree that means not jack shit, but with real information that matters in the real world that you can actually use to do something. Don’t get me wrong – a degree in and of itself is not a bad thing necessarily – but there are a hell of a lot of highly educated baristas and waiters out there… Just saying…

Credential themselves don’t mean much if there is no market for what you have credentials in – or if practical skills to keep the job and excel at it aren’t really there even after you get the job. Getting through the door and being successful are two significantly different things. There are a lot of people who have the degrees and who have the credentials and who can’t find any jobs at all in those fields! WTF

So if that is you – you can whine – or you can choose a different path. Meanwhile at the same time you are working some shit job you hate for chump change –  trucking is thousands of drivers short and just waiting for you! It offers you massive opportunity… and it doesn’t hold over priced damn near worthless degrees against people who have them either.

If you can handle being gone, and what trucking requires from you – it will give you much in return. It will give you opportunity – opportunity to take it to what ever level you are motivated and smart enough to achieve – if you do the work.

But be fore warned lazy, whiny people expecting something for nothing need not apply – it spits such people out after chewing them to shreds before the ink even dries good.

Consider yourself – can you handle it?

If you can then what are you waiting for? Start doing your homework and get the information you need and then get started!