Be   A Professional Truck Driver – Not Just a Truck Driver…

Yes there is a difference!

How you approach what you do, how you see yourself within it and whether you constantly work on improving your performance and yourself or not makes a huge difference.

Pursue the business of trucking with an owner mindset – not an employee mindset. Always be looking to do everything better – and have your eyes wide open for opportunities as they arise – and they come up all the time…

The problem is most people don’t recognize them because they are covered in dirt and grease and look like more work  as the old saying goes – but the truth is they are gold in disguise! Reach out and take everyone of them when they show up. If you are willing to bust your ass instead of following the typical bull shit routine everyone else follows then you get the good stuff that comes from your efforts.

That’s how you build a better life as a professional truck driver.

Be efficient at the work – then get more efficient. Manage and use your time. Communicate with people that matter – start with building a good working relationship with your dispatcher. If that’s not possible shit can your dispatcher and get a new one that you can work with. And yes you can really do that…

Think of yourself as an entrepreneur and an owner in all you do – even when you are an employee – own your profession and pursue it professionally and far outperform damn near everyone else. Most people are too lazy to do that. Don’t be lazy.

Instead get up and go work for what you want – make progress not excuses and you can make things happen.

Develop a healthy amount of disrespect for what other people think – stop letting their opinions hold you back. Are they going to pay your bills, put food on your table … I didn’t think so. So damn their opinions. They don’t matter. Your opinions matter and they control your mindset which controls your habits which controls what you do which gets you results – good or bad, and that is your life.

So take charge of it and run it intently with focus toward specific goals of your own choosing.