7 Things You Can Do To Be More Effective In a New Leadership Position

Getting a new position whether you are moving up in an existing company or going to a new one – or even starting your own for that matter – is a wonderful and an exciting thing. But getting it and being successful at it are two very different things.

Many people are not adequately prepared for the extra responsibility or the leadership role that comes along with it. How about you, are you ready?

In this episode I give you 7 things you can do that will help you be more successful;

  1. Get Specialized Information and Training
  2. Use a Task Management System
  3. Document Events
  4. Learn to Say NO…
  5. Develop Self Control
  6. Set the Example
  7. Continuously Learn and Stay Current

This fast paced world requires a new level of never ending education, training and skills development as well as continuing education and training to keep your skills current once you have them.