Another site and channel are born – and they are now live and well!

Maybe I am crazy, I don’t know, but I am continuing on with my vision for my business. My company is Transport Resource Solutions LLC which I and my wife founded way back in 2008.

It was always intended to be primarily a training, consulting and recruiting company – along with providing other related products and services.

Over the years I realized that the employees, staff members, contractors, and others I worked with on a regular basis all had problems, issues, challenges and other things which impacted their work.

Some such thigs causes severe problems for them and for the companies that employed or contracted with them.

Even before that all the way back to my many years in the military and more years in real estate – I kept seeing the same problems and the same patterns of behavior.

I realized that in order to build a better company or organization of any type that all of these things needed to be addressed and a way to help people build better personal lives needed to be found and made available. If people could do better in all areas of life then they would certainly also do far better in their work-life too – and that would result in superior performance across the board.

It would be better for them, better for the companies that employed them and better for society. Business owners who chose to use such systems would also do far better then their competition could ever hope for too.

When I first began to codify all this stuff and to develop ways to share it and teach it – at first I thought I could do it all under one site and one channel. I soon realized that would not be the best way to do it – simply because it appeared to cover so many different areas and so many different nitchs or niches.

In my view, they were all related and interconnected. In the digital eyes of the search engines and the platforms I would need to use to get all this out there – they were not.

So I decided to embrace that instead of fighting it – and to create different sites and different YouTube channels and other separate things on different platforms so people could find them all better and so the search engines would work with me and for me instead of against me.

What it eventually worked out to be was 12 core topics which will eventually result in 12 separate core websites and 12 separate core youtube channels.

They are and will be all interconnected and are interrelated with each other in the same way as all areas of our lives affect all other areas of life.

The latest and the newest of them all as of today is and our Build Your Own Stuff YouTube channel which you can find HERE.

I hope you will check out the site and the channel and consider subscribing! More articles and videos are coming soon!