Book Cover: YouTube Secrets: The Ultimate Guide To Growing Your Following and Making Money As A Video Influencer

Youtube is becoming more and more important in growing a business - whether an online or offline business - but it can be a confusing and intimidating thing to get started with.

This book has enough good solid methodology and information to help make the process a lot quicker and a lot easier than otherwise possible.

One of the things I like about this book is that it takes a reality-based approach that seems absent in most online related marketing guru stuff. For example, in Chapter 7 the need for consistency is covered - and the point made again that success is going to take work and time that you have to put in on an ongoing basis in order to get the rewards and start seeing a payoff. This is different than the typical rah-rah crap that is so commonly thrown out there that makes false promises of easy rewards and ommissions regarding the true amount of work, time and effort that will be needed.

I have read this book once cover to cover and parts of it again several times. In addition, I read multiple other reviews of it - and there seems to be two main camps; those who are raving fans and love the book - and those who think it is utter garbage, and seemly don't find anything useful here.

All I can do is tell you what my thoughts and opinions are. Is it perfect? Nope. Not by a country mile...

But then again nothing else is either, and this book doesn't have to be to help you move the needle from where you are now to closer to where you want to be - and that it will definitely help you do.

That makes it worth reading as far as I am concerned. So, go get the book and start building your own YouTube empire today.

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