Book Cover: Getting Started in Consulting

Over the years I have read quite a few books on consulting and many others on coaching, training, leadership and related topics. In addition to that, I have owned (and continue to own and operate) my own training and consulting company since about 2010 or so. Beyond that even, I have been involved in recruiting, training, mentoring and coaching people in one way or another for the better part of three plus decades and counting - and this is one of the best books on consulting I have read so far.

It is full of useful detailed information that can help you build your own business whether that be a consulting business - or closely related and perhaps even better in my humble opinion - a training and publishing business of your own. Many of the principles are the same and most of the others are at least interrelated in one way or another.

If you teach online courses, write nonfiction how-to books, conduct workshops, seminars and do public speaking, provide coaching services, etc. - or you want to get started doing so - there is value in this book for you. All these things require building your own authority on your specific topics and while this book may or may not be specific to what you are doing in your specific nitch (or niche) - it will be close enough to still be of benefit.

Some of the most valuable content is in the very first chapter and the first two pages of it. The author talks about the fact that we "create and fulfill our own expectations" in life. In other words - if you listen to negative people and your own negative self-talk and self-imposed limitations then that is the likely reality you will create for yourself.

From there he lays out a logical progression of things you need to consider and evaluate as you get started in building your own business - and as you work to build your own version of a better life in the process.

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