I love to write and I love to read even more.

For as long as I can remember I have always loved reading – even way back when I was supposed to be doing math or science homework – I was reading science fiction, and real-life accounts of shark attacks, and all about UFOs along with many other things. As I got older I kept reading, but my interests were more and more into non-fiction how-to topics, personal development and entrepreneurship primarily. I studied the things that most interested me (and still do!) in-depth such as real estate, trucking, construction, boat building, furniture making and on and on the list goes.

From now on I am going to be sharing my thoughts and opinions on the books I am reading, and slowly over time adding many of the past books I have already completed reading that are still available for sale and are still useful to you today.

Most of the books I currently read still focus on helping achieve some specific thing. They are DIY, Personal Development, Personal Finance, Real Estate Investing, Home Building, Furniture Making, Entrepreneurship, and many other such topics. They help me achieve more and get more of what I want from life – and they can help you too.

I will share my thoughts and opinions and you decide.

Each review will have an Amazon link where you can go buy your own copy if you wish. The links are affiliate/associate links and if you buy from my links I get paid a small fee which costs you nothing more.

In the future, I intend to also read and review many other topics and genres too. From Thrillers to Murder Mysterys and maybe my original favorite – Science Fiction – along with anything else that seems interesting. I have yet to publish any of my own fiction – though I have already started writing a couple of fiction books. So far all my other work has been focused on non-fiction, but sooner or later I will begin publishing my own fiction too.

If you have any thoughts about my reviews – or have recommendations on what you think I should read and review next send me an email and tell me YOUR thoughts!