Hello and Welcome!

If you are looking for ways to improve your work, or your business and your life you have found it here.

My name is L.D. Sewell - or Derrick to people who know me personally - and now that includes you too!

This site is essentially a specialized information, training and support center - all designed to help you improve your life and enjoy the journey as you do so. We also offer more specialized information, training, consulting, coaching and support if you need and want it too.

If you are starting or already operating a trucking business  you can get additional and direct help and support at www.transportresourcesolutions.com .

Without boring you to death with a long story of how I came to do what I do and offer the products and services I offer, I'll just give you the shorter version for now.

Most of my adult life I have worked in two primary industries, Real Estate and Trucking - both of which I still love and still find fascinating to this day. Over all my years in both industries I have learned a lot of valuable lessons.

Some through training and education - others through direct real world experience. All of those experiences and especially working directly with literally thousands of people over several decades has taught me quite a lot about what works and what doesn't in business and in personal life.

One such lesson is that the two - business and personal life - are interconnected and interrelated. Try as we might to keep them compartmentalized and separated - they each dramatically affect each other, like it or not.

That's why I focus on both.

My personal areas of specialty and focus include, Success Driven Systems, Trucking, Real Estate and Entrepreneurship.

Success Driven Systems - This is my own version of life and business management control systems which utilizes multiple systems, methods and tactics that are interrelated and directed toward productivity and efficiency in every area of life. Much of it is based on my interpretation of the teachings and philosophies of Deming, Hill, Rohn and others along with numerous life lessons learned from my own experience, research and study  over decades of hard work.

Trucking - all aspects of trucking careers and businesses, and it covers a lot. From what it takes to get a CDL and start a truck driving career, to becoming an owner operator, or freight broker and even starting, building, growing and managing a fleet - I can provide you with detailed information, training, personal consulting and coaching  as well as other tools and resources to help you be more successful in your trucking career and your trucking business.

From risk management, and DOT compliance, to driver recruiting, training and retention, personnel management, leadership, staff training and total management control systems I can personally help you with all of that and much more.

Real Estate - From home buying to home building, owning, investing, inspecting, maintenance and beyond as well as careers and opportunities in real estate. I have been fascinated with real estate most of my life - and I still am. I love homes of all sizes, from tiny houses and other little human habitats up to mansions and castles too. A home is such an important part of life. It is important to choose the right home for the right time in your life and know how buy or build it, own it, and how to care for and maintain it properly, and how to sell it too.

Entrepreneurship  - Everyone should at least consider starting and owning a business whether as a part time microbusiness or a full time business as a primary vocation. Even if you have a job that you love - having an entrepreneurial and independent mindset will help you perform better at work - both for your own benefit - and the benefit of your employer too. It will also help you make sure you are doing the right job with the best company for you right now - or help you find better work that is more beneficial to you now. Beyond that - having additional income from a source that you control will help you manage your risks in life, earn more money, be more confident in all areas of life and help you get ahead instead of just getting by. So I talk about and teach extensively on entrepreneurship and having an independent mindset to help you help yourself.



Over the years I have been honored that numerous people wanted my personal help - and if you find you want and need personal coaching I will be happy to work with you and help you too, but I do need to let you know upfront that If you are looking for a touchy feely warm and fuzzy kind of coach - then I am NOT your guy. I can probably refer you to someone like that, if that's what you are looking for, but if you are looking for a serious and direct way to gain more control over every area of your life in a no nonsense way - then I can definitely help you with that.

Don't worry either, it will still be fun too, but it will be systematic and methodical so we can maximize your benefit from our time together.

Please let me know if you would like my help as a coach and or as a consultant. Your first consultation is FREE. You have nothing to lose - and potentially much to gain so send me a message so we can get your free consultation scheduled.

You can do that by visiting my Coaching page and sending me a message.

I am also in the process of building a carefully selected small team of other instructors, consultants and coaches who each have their own specific areas of specialty that support our overall mission and who can provide coaching, consulting and services that can help you achieve more in the specific areas they cover too.

Enjoy the site, and please let me or one of our Team Members know how we can help you.