Shedding unnecessary things to obtain a better life.

Freedom from stuff. Freedom from clutter. Freedom from debt. Freedom from stress.

Minimalism can become a permanent way of life or it can be a intentionally temporary  means to a specific end. Namely to get out of debt quickly. One is not right more than the other is less wrong. It is a simple choice.

It is more about right fit. Just as there is no one size and style of clothing that can fit every person equally well neither is there any one path in minimalism – or in this life – that will serve all the same.

The first course is that of intended permanence – it is meant to be a lifelong or at least a very long term way of life. To get rid of all that is unnecessary and keep only what is left and what is necessary. No more than that.

There is beautiful simplicity in it.

The other way is chosen with intent and specific direct purpose. It is a powerful tool, a means to accomplish what is near impossible absent its use. Certainly it would be impossible in as short of a time at least – and time is life. It is the one common denominator of every living creature on earth. Time is a very precious gift.

So temporary minimalism can be used to eliminate every single thing except the absolutely essential few things needed to live with decency. By shedding everything that can be shed all the burdens that attach to such things can be shed with them. By doing this resources become available to the individual that can then be used to make true progress in building a better life.

Money becomes available. Debt goes away. Stress goes away. Clarity is gained. Peace of mind is gained. Confidence is gained. A sense of wholeness is gained. More security is gained.

When the time comes when the bad has been eliminated and the good has allowed enough development and enough abundance – then minimalism can be retired while a new life of more is built. But only even then should such a life be built to the point of desired practical efficiency. Not back to a point of excess. Never back to a point of blatant waste and inefficiency – otherwise nothing will have been learned and the same old tired patterns of destructive behaviors will return with a vengeance.

Whether Minimalism is at its best as a permanent way of life or just a temporary means to a different life – it is a beautiful thing.