What to Do Today to Become Debt Free Tomorrow

Stop borrowing right now. Next take out every single credit card you have and cut them all up into tiny little pieces. Figure out which one has the smallest balance and work hard to pay it off. There are many ways to come up with the money to do it, which we talk about in other posts and publications. Eliminate, or at least reduce your housing costs. Find some type of unconventional housing you can live in that you can afford to own free and clear now, then sell the mortgaged house you are in now if you can, then use the money that used to go to making house payments to pay off other debts.

If you are renting a place, same thing, find some kind of home you can live in that you can actually afford right now, then give notice and terminate your lease. Stop paying rent and start building a better life. Use the money you were paying to a landlord or a mortgage company to improve your life instead of theirs for a change. Any serious progress toward becoming debt free will require hard work and sacrifice on your part. Its not easy, and nothing worth having ever is, so it seems. But it is worth it. If you are willing to pay the price today then tomorrow you can have a much better life.

This is the opposite of what societal conditioning trains people to do. Normal patterns of behavior lead people to using credit to borrow to get things they can not afford today and pay for it tomorrow, and the day after, and week after and the month after, and the year after – and on and on for life struggling to pay massive debts. Societal conditioning has worked so well that most people have come to accept their condition of perpetual life long debtors as completely normal. So much so is this idea ingrained, that the thought of being debt free is abnormal. Shocking even to some, and considered unattainable or  even undesirable by many.

It is attainable. You and you alone must decide if it is desirable to you or not. If you want it, then stop making excuses and start making progress.