What is Normal and Why ?

Societal conditioning teaches us what is normal and what is not. Anything that is not NORMAL is something else. It may be considered extreme, radical, unconventional, alternative – or any number of other things that set it apart from what society as a whole considers to be normal.  Being in debt is normal. Being a wage slave is normal. Being broke or very near broke is normal. Mortgages are normal. Car loans normal. Student loans normal. Credit cards normal. But being debt free or even trying to become debt free is extreme, and nonconformist – or at the very least it is considered to be abnormal.

Every wonder why? I mean really stop and think about it. Why is it normal to be deeply in debt?

I have friends and family who like being normal. I don’t. I am abnormal and proud of it. When I think about it I think I have been abnormal my whole life in many ways since I tend to do things my own way. When it comes to debt though I boarded the normal train somehow with everyone else around me too. I rode that train for many years before I finally figured out how to get off the damn thing.

Here is what I think. Special interest groups who benefit from having you think and act in certain consumer ways have worked in collusion with educators, media and the government and other key members of society in crafting, disseminating and continuously reinforcing what they want you to believe and do.  Some of it is through marketing. Some of it is through passage of various regulations and laws which restrict your rights and drive you toward their desired path for you. These things have been done over many years, and continue to this day. It all is repeated and reinforced so often that over time it is just accepted as normal.

Our schools do not teach real life skills needed to live more independently and freely. Instead they teach dependency, and how to assimilate into society as a whole effectively. They do not teach the individual how to live independently – they teach exactly the opposite. The teach dependency. Media and marketing reinforce the same messages and continuously seek to get people to buy ever more stuff, and to do it using massive amounts of credit and its resultant debt to do so. Again and again the message is repeated – its all just normal.

Borrowing results in debt and debt indentures people to work to pay on it continuously throughout a  lifelong cycle of debt. Again reinforcing dependency. A person in debt can’t simply stop working a job they hate. Not without painful repercussions almost immediately. No, instead they must go to jobs they don’t like, work with people they don’t respect, to earn money they have already spent before they even get it.

It’s all just NORMAL behavior, because society says so.