There are No More Land Owners

The realization is quite shocking. To own something means you own it outright, paid for in full, and its yours to do with as you please with no payments being due to anyone. The hard cold truth is no one truly owns real estate in America anymore – except the government. Even beyond that most homes are mortgaged so the banks and mortgage companies are in line after the government, which means that so called homeowners are being sold an illusion. Before you balk and dismiss the idea take a few moments to really think about it. Taxes are perpetual and never ending. They are set by the local government and can be increased at a whim. In the event you don’t pay these real estate taxes they will seize your property and sell it. It doesn’t matter what the reason is or what hardship you may be facing at the time – if you cant pay you cant stay. Sure they have some programs (don’t they always) for hardship cases – but the catch is its their program and they decide whether you get any relief or not. Its up to them, not you – and if they wont help and you don’t pay up then they will take your home away from you.

That means you can pay off the mortgage and at least get rid of the lenders but you can never pay off the government – they collect for the rest of your life. Just something to think about.