This is the story of what it is all about …

Why we do what we do and why we offer the information, training and the products that we do. Let’s start with our logo – we affectionately call him Roger. The reason Roger exists is to communicate a common theme and idea that runs throughout everything else that we do – defiance.

An absolute refusal to just go along with societally conditioned programming and be normal – but instead choosing a much different way of life.

It is about choosing independent courses in life and intentional ways of living of our own design instead of blindly following a path laid out by anyone else. It is about using systems, tools, and resources to accomplish more faster and better than otherwise possible and to keep on doing it over the long haul while always improving on a continuous basis.

It is About Helping People Escape The Rat Race And Build Better Lives…

Our first objective is to spread awareness to as many people as possible who are searching for a better way of life. Awareness of specific ways to develop a much different mindset and use it along with other specialized information, tools, and resources to design and build a new and better life to their own designs. To set and work toward goals of their own choosing, and to get ahead in life instead of just getting by.

Stay tuned… More coming soon!