Looking for Better Lives

More and more people are becoming sick and tired of the rat race. Tired of working forty, fifty or more hours per week just to get by. Tired of living for the weekends and hating the week days between them. Tired of debt, stress and pressure of working jobs they hate just to make enough money to make the mortgage or rent, car payments and at least the minimum payments on all the other debts people have. Tired of trying to keep up with the Joneses and the superficial crap that goes along with it.

The financial melt downs of the past several years and all the turmoil in the world probably has a lot to do with it. A disruption in income, even if its temporary, will have devastating consequences for people living normal lives. Normal is deeply in debt and barely scraping by. So many found out the hard way what kind of trouble that brings when issues come up. That’s the problem with debt. Creditors expect to be paid regardless of what kind of problems are going on in peoples lives. They don’t care, they just want their money – along with the interest and fees they tack on.

The solution is to eliminate all debt from your life. If you don’t owe anything to any creditor then you have a lot more leeway when things go wrong. Yes you still have to make money, but not nearly as much to have a good life free from the pressures of the rat race. That means if you lose a job for what ever reason, you can probably easily and quickly find something to make enough to still be fine. Companies go out of business. They get bought by other companies and lay people off or close departments or locations completely. Seldom do they tell you these things in advance, even when they do know its coming. Anyone who thinks it can’t happen to them is living in a fantasy – it can and does happen, and it can happen to you too.

If you require a very high income just to cover a very high debt load its not as likely you will be able to quickly replace all of that income if you need to. On the other hand if you have little to no debt, and you lose your job then you are much more likely to be able to earn enough to still live comfortably while you look for something better. You wont have an immediate crisis situation.

If you are fortunate enough not to have such a problem with losing a job you are still much better off than someone heavily laden in debt. You can use your income to get ahead instead of just trying to stay a couple of steps ahead of the bill collectors. You can save your money so you will have adequate cash reserves when you do need them. You can invest your money and have it work for you instead of paying interest and making others rich at your expense.

When you are ready to have a better life then get rid of your debt. The first step is to stop borrowing. Then work on eliminating what debt you do have one at a time until you have no more debt.