Episode 13

When you want better then start by bettering yourself. Some people are able to perform well in just about any job and situation in life – they are able to quickly and calmly adapt, improve and become efficient at getting the job done in minimum time. Other people – not so much. For some they cant seem to do much of anything right. Everything is always in turmoil and crisis and they create it whenever they cant find it. Everyone they encounter has a bad day as a result too.

What about you?

Which extreme are you at, or are you somewhere in the middle?

You can improve your own attitude, mindset and your entire life while you are at it – if you want to. Start with adopting a new attitude and see things from a fresh perspective. Have clear goals and objectives and approach your job and your life with intent. If you do you will improve. Not to mention everyone you encounter will appreciate it too…

Develop teamwork – teamwork with others, and team work with yourself. That may sound a bit odd but it simply means work toward intentional specific goals and a positive consistent manner – and stop working against yourself and others too.

Your performance will dramatically improve if you do…

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