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Episode 69 – New Year New Opportunities

It’s a great time to start changing your life! Figure out what work you are meant to be doing – what will bring you the most fulfillment and purpose while at the same time allow you to earn a better than good living while you do it. Do that instead of remaining trapped in a…

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Episode 68 – Forget Resolutions And Set GOALS Instead!

This time of year people are setting all kinds of New Year’s resolutions – sadly almost all will fail – and most will be done, over and by the wayside before February ends. So do yourself a favor and skip the resolutions. Instead set specific goals and use sound proven methods and systems to reach goal…

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Episode 67 – Choose Your Best Work

What Are You Doing For A Living And Is It The Right Work For You? Whatever you are doing you are spending a huge chunk of your life doing it – so it only makes good sense to choose something that you can be passionate about and excited to keep learning more about and keep…

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Episode 66 – Trucking Career Trip Plans

Where Are You Going? As a professional driver you would never head off down the highway with a load that you have no idea where it is supposed to be delivered to, would you? Then why do that with your career? Far too many drivers are out there working hard and delivering freight day in…

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Episode 65 – Win Win Vs Win Lose Tactics

Have You Ever Been Taken Advantage Of By A Company? I’m sure you have, and probably many times. I know I have and everyone I personally know has too. How does it make you feel when that happens to you? That’s why it is so important to take extra care in your own business and in…

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Episode 64 – Owner Operator To Fleet Owner, Making The Transition

A Fleet Owner And An Owner Operator Have Very Different Roles  When you decide to make the transition from being an owner-operator, or from whatever else you are doing now – If you want to build your own fleet – you are about to enter a whole new world! So start getting ready NOW before…

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